This just in: Kellen Moore is pretty good.

Per Dave McMahon, here’s a breakdown of Georgia’s pass defense against Boise State versus the three games which followed:

… Georgia was stellar on defense in the last game as well. One of the major improvements throughout the season has been pass defense. Check out the Georgia’s stats after facing Heisman candidate Kellen Moore in game one compared to what the Dawgs have done in the last 3 games.

Comp Pct Pass Yards/Game TD passes Interceptions
vs Boise State 82.4 261 3 1
Games 2-4 45.1 113 2 5

That translates into these specific defensive passer ratings per game:  Boise State, 170.07; South Carolina, 85.50; Coastal Carolina, 61.99; Ole Miss, 79.39.

Rambo missing that first game may also factor into those stats.  But one thing you have to feel good about is that Georgia won’t see a quarterback as stout as Moore the rest of the season.


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23 responses to “This just in: Kellen Moore is pretty good.

  1. AusDawg85

    Bray > Murray

    We are doomed.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Oh really?


      • Ginny

        Lolz. Not so much. Especially now that Justin Hunter is out of the picture.


        • Turd Ferguson

          Not saying that I agree that Bray is better than Murray, but it is worth noting that Bray leads Murray (and the rest of the SEC, for that matter) in YPG, Comp. Pct., and QB rating. Granted, they’ve played fewer games, and an easier schedule so far, but still, the numbers suggest that this is hardly “lolz”-worthy. And of course, Murray hasn’t exactly been mounting a Heisman campaign himself.


          • AlphaDawg

            I watched that UT/FL game and UF should have had 3 or 4 more INTs. Bray consistantly tried forcing passes into tight coverage that were simply batted away or the DB’s were unable to catch. UT has no running game which inflates their passing numbers. I’m not sold on Bray YET, I see him as nothing more than an average QB having to throw the ball 45+ times a game. IMHO


    • OKDawg

      All the pressure off the UT passing offense is squarely on Da’Rick’s shoulders now – just like he always wanted. Rambo says, “Be careful what you wish for.” That will be must-see TV.


    • stoopnagle



  2. Dog in Fla

    “Georgia won’t see a quarterback as stout as Moore the rest of the season.”

    At least until right before Halloween when we see the stout Charlie Weis’ version of the Air Brantley attack


  3. Rick

    Well, except for Tevin Washington, whose 286 rating dwarfs everyone in the nation and has Moore beat by almost 100 points 😉


  4. Bob

    None of those other guys are even in the same area code of Kellen Moore. This is a slam dunk if there ever was one. Moore by miles.


  5. NRBQ

    Robert Griffin has more touchdown passes than INCOMPLETIONS.

    70 for 82 — 13TDs in three games.

    That’s astonishing.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, I have never seen a stat like that after 2 games into the season. Griffin and Moore would be my front runners for the Hesiman at this point although I am not confident about KM’s future in football beyond this level.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The Mississippi State Bullpups are going to be VERY sorry that they stomped on the G in the middle of the field! Lay half a hundred on the Dawgs!