Vanderbilt brings out the best in its opponents.

Ridiculous cheap shot from Arkansas’ Marquel Wade here:

If Shawn Williams got popped by the SEC for a half-game suspension, I wonder how long Wade can expect to sit.


UPDATE:  Wade has apologized.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Normally I’d be outraged at such a play but after the B.S. they pulled against Georgia I’m kind of meh.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I can’t really agree. This hit by Wade is complete garbage, and for him to jump up and swell up like some sort of thug after doing it makes it worse. It’s cheap. And cheap crap like that is why the rule makers are taking more and more of the legitimate hitting out of the game. For me, the quintessential example is the Reshad Jones hit on that tight end in the Oklahoma State game a few years ago. It was a legit play, it broke up a pass, and it was whistled. Why? Because in trying to eliminate garbage like like Marquel Wade, they’re also eliminating some great football plays.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree, and I feel just as strongly when a UG A player pulls a cheap shot antic. I don’t understand the player’s thinking when they hit someone that is defenseless, or after a play is over just because they ran a distance to get close. I don’t mind the rules protecting the players from scummy behavior.

        I will say that coaches like Franklin and Cheetzit bring out this type animosity by encouraging/allowing the dirty play from their own players. I don’t think Geathers should have gotten more than a personal foul call, what the Vandy player did was dangerous, swinging a fist against a player with full padding/helmet on is not even close to being dangerous. And it was justifed after the deliberate attempt to maim. Screw Vandy and Auburn. They don’t understand the difference between aggressive behavior and dirty….perhaps because their coaches don’t.


      • Brandon

        Yeah I agree, Arkansas has always been full of thugs though. Does anybody remember when Houston Nutt wanted to take his team on a field trip to the state penitiary to try and show his team the end result of this kind of behavior? As I recall the NCAA wouldn’t let him of course, far be it for them to allow anything that might actually change a life.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    The ghost of Houston Nutt lives on in Fayetteville.


  3. Coweta Dawg

    None. In an amazing job of consistency there will be no suspension since the coaches didn’t break the unwritten rule: thou shalt not shout, yell, or do anything that makes the SEC appear negative in the media . If you do that, then the film is reviewed and punishments issue. The Silve has spoken.


  4. Bard Parker

    Wade was suspended for a full game.


  5. JaxDawg

    Karma is a bitch ain’t it? It wasn’t right, but Vandy has been asking for it. Little shits.


  6. Doug

    When they show Franklin on the sideline it looks like he’s having to keep his players from rushing across the field and starting some isht with the Arkansas players. It’s kind of amusing to see that from Vandy, but Franklin seems to be walking a very fine line in terms of getting his guys fired up — wonder if that’ll turn into a full-blown brawl one of these days.


  7. Reminds me of the hit Mikey Henderson took in the game agianst Hawaii. That guy got up jawwing just like the arky guy. I can’t remember if they ended up ejecting him later in the game. But Franklin’s whining (and he was screaming at him much like Shawn Williams) help get that kid off the field.


  8. The General

    Color me naive, but I actually believe the kid when he says he thought Krause had the ball. It’s the only explanation for Wade’s celebratory jump up. If you watch it, Krause had to plant and cut forward sharply because he had misjudged the ball. When you are chugging down at a full sprint on kickoff coverage, your vision can get a little choppy. I could see how Wade might mistakenly think Krause was cutting upfield to get past the first wave, and Krause’s dark-skinned arms against a black jersey could mimic the ball. Leading with the head is a different story, but I don’t think Wade meant to hit him before he had the ball. Wade has 8 catches for 62 yds on the year, so the suspension shouldn’t hurt Arkansas too much against the Cocks. Man it feels weird to pull for Petrino.


    • Castleberry

      I agree – the replay looked like he was shielding his eyes – not making the fair catch signal. I’m giving the defender the benefit of the doubt. If he did that to a kid that he saw signal, he should sit for a game minimum.


      • ugadawg9288

        In watching the play though, Wade was watching the returner all the way until he lowered his head right at the last minute. There is no way that Wade didn’t see that the returner didn’t have the ball.


      • DawgPhan

        There was not a fair catch signal in this play. it was a nasty hit, but I would give the benefit to the defender on this since Vandy sucks and I want Arkansas at full strength on saturday.


    • WF Dawg

      I think that’s why Petrino said his biggest issue was the reaction by the player afterward. Jawing and having to be forcibly escorted to the locker room–there’s just no excuse.


  9. Vandy Hater

    I thought Vandy wasn’t going to take it any more…guess what…they’re still Vandy and still suck. Guess you get what you asked for. Still can’t play with the BIG BOYS and NEVER will. Hey Coach Franklin how’s it feel?


  10. Smitty

    An ejection in a conference game is an automatic one game suspension I thought. Arkansas is full of malcontents…


  11. Will Trane

    Not defending any player here. When you busting down the field in your lane there is a lot going on around you. All though you look to see where the ball is at and the receiver is, you can miss the fair catch signal.

    But you have to wonder about playing a team like Vandy where there are these situations. My impression is that Vandy is a team that “trash talks”, and maybe their coaches, too. The play on Geathers was as cheap as I’ve seen. And by the same token, “I did not see the fair catch signal, coach”. Do not recall the Dawgs having (except Tech game a few years back) suspensions. So my thoughts after our situation and Arkansas is maybe Vandy has a problem.


  12. Turd Ferguson

    Not excusing the hit at all, but I’m afraid it’s going to take something like this (and hopefully nothing more) for Franklin to begin taking his tactics a little more seriously. It’s one thing to earn others’ respect; it’s another thing to make others hate you. He seems not to see the difference, and his tactics are, in my opinion, geared much more toward the latter than the former. And for as along as Franklin and Vandy keep this shit up, they’re probably going to see more and more of this.


  13. Lrgk9

    Tennessee – Vandy Game is going to be interesting