This seems generous.

Georgia opens as a 12 1/2 point favorite over Auburn.


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  1. NCT

    Don’t tell the players.

  2. Jim

    i feel like i have seen this movie before and i did not like the ending one bit. This game may be the best coaching job required by our staff all year.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      +1. 1997 has been on my mind since last week. Need to focus on Auburn and not anything else (SC, Fla, LSU, SECC, etc.) this week. After last year, there should be more than enough motivation to come out fired up and ready against AU.

      • WF Dawg

        There needs to be video on a loop on every TV in Butts-Mehre of Nick Fairley cheap-shotting Aaron Murray. All week long. I’ve held a grudge this entire year, and I expect our players and coaches to have done the same or to quickly reacquire one. This is a big deal. It will always be in the mind of WFdawg. I hope we get out to a big lead, keep passing, run up the score, use all of our time outs to extend their misery, and then score again.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          I’m right there with you. In fact, the “Celebration” was nothing compared to the dirty play exhibited by Fairley and encouraged by their coaches. Anyone who thinks this is still a “friendly” rivalry needs to get a reality check. Strictly from an emotional fan standpoint, I’ve felt like this game was probably the most important of the year for Richt and Georgia reestablish the team’s toughness and to help cleanse the ugliness of last year. Sure, I’ll be happy with a win…but I really want to the Dawgs to stomp their guts out.

  3. timphd

    Who put out that line? Chizik? Damn, that seems like a bad thing for the players to read. Hope they don’t forget to play.

  4. TennesseeDawg

    I’m going to go ahead and predict that line will be coming down quite a bit before gametime. Take the points now and lock it in.

  5. adam

    Isn’t Vandy the only one of our wins where we didn’t cover? Certainly is possible we kill Auburn. I’m nervous about it, but if Murray starts hitting the open receivers he’s missing, the receivers stop dropping, we stop missing FGs, we shore up kick coverage, and we get our tailbacks back… Well, we’ll be quite hard to stop.

  6. Solon

    Makes sense. Looking at common opponents, Vegas thinks we are about 6′ points better than Auburn. Add in that we are at home, we have won 7 in a row, and we have something to play for and a 12′-point line isn’t unexpected.

  7. BeerMoney

    Keep in mind what Auburn has done against teams with a defense (Florida, South Carolina, LSU) = 40 points total in 3 games even with 2 wins. If we can do enough on offense and the defense shows up, then I can see this line. But I do not like it one bit either.

    Really looking forward to Saturday. Let’s have a real good time.

    • adam

      Personally, I think our defense is much better than South Carolina’s and Florida’s. At least… I think it is at this point in the season.

  8. FisheriesDawg

    This screams sucker bet. The money is going to come in for Auburn heavy for a while. I take this as a good sign.

  9. Frank Davis

    More than generous, my friend.

    More immediate concern (outrage) is the apparent apathy of some of the Georgia students. Adams and the Athletic Board should reduce next year’s student allotment by at least a couple thousand—and give willing fans with cold, hard cash the chance to snap up those seats for EVERY DAMN GAME.

    • Cojones

      Frank, know your desire to contribute is strong, but this team is the University’s AND the students’. Outside of the alums there are no other groups with rights. The price is the same according to availability and taking tickets away from students only means scalpers come in, snap them up and make a big profit. Rules are in place to prevent students from doing that (scalping) to their tickets. I would rather have their young passion screaming and enjoying memories for their grandchildren. If you are on the alum list, then you can find a comfortable seat by your new 85″ tv that will secure you until your eyes fail from old age. Use your cold ,soft cash to get high on the list. If you are not an alum, we really don’t care.

      • Antonius

        Oh my God some students didn’t show up for a 12:30 game against a 3-5 WAC team! This is the #1 concern for our football team and we obviously need to slash their ticket allotment immediately!

        Trust me, I don’t think students will be so “apathetic” when Georgia’s playing a 119-year rival with the SEC East on the line.

        • Puffdawg

          That’s right. Show up when it’s convenient for you. That’s team spirit right there.

          • Antonius

            Most students did show up. I just think alumni need to realize that college students tend to act like, well, college students and not hyperventilate when 20% of the student seats (at most) don’t fill up by kickoff. As others have noted, students are penalized for not attending games they have tickets for.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      The Athletic Dept actually makes it kind of a pain in the ass in a lot of ways, to tell you the truth…also, I’m not saying we shouldn’t schedule some easier teams, but we need to quit scheduling the NMSU and Coastal Carolinas…hate these games.

  10. JaxDawg

    Our like our D in this matchup.

    • Cojones

      By that, do you mean you don’t like the O ? They sort of go together if you want to win. Guess you won’t be cheering half the time. Good luck to that.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Seriously? Calm down, dude. You’re acting like a woman. “You look great today, honey!” “What are you saying, I didn’t look good yesterday?!”

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Yeah, me too. I think our D holds ’em to 10-17 points, think our offense rings up 27-35.

  11. Too much. Too soon. Auburn with an off week & pumped to play. This “Gator Hater” will definitely be pulling for UF against USCe. Still think the Dawgs will win but it will not be easy. GATA.

    • Cojones

      Let’s see. FU took the week off and their coach “guaranteed” the win while preparing as a former D-headcoach-in-waiting in Texas and having a Former ND headcoach for his O. Lotta good that did him.

      Year before last we pounded their butts with the same admonition. Then they boug…uh… got Cam and Fairley and beat everyone in the country. Now they don’t got’em and we can resume pounding their ass.

  12. tmfwoof

    USCe’s student ticket system might be one to emulate. It’s a lottery system, and you earn “loyalty points” by going to the game–2pts for non-conference, 1pt for conference. Your point total helps you get near the front of the line for the Clemson tickets (or another big home game) near the end of the season. If whether or not they went to New Mexico State had determined whether or not they could even get in to Auburn, I bet we’d have better student attendance.

    • MT

      SC also doesn’t require the students to pay ANYTHING for tickets. Maybe it’s hidden in the fee structure (yup, I’m in grad school at SC), but SC doesn’t have nearly the # of fees UGA tacks on.

      SC still has the problem of having students show up for FREE, cupcake football games

  13. I never thought we would cover this weekend, but we did. The confidence on this team seems to be soaring. The early injuries on defense were a blessing in disguise. Grantham has me believing, but more importantly the players believing. People can say what they want about Bobo, but our offense scores. Murray is the biggest variable in my mind.

    Auburn will not be able to run on us. Sure they might hit a wheel route or two. I don’t see their defense dominating us either. We could run Harton and Karempelis and still win this game easily.

    • Cojones

      Murray’s performance shouldn’t worry you either. And you got Bobo right. He will pound their butts with this fast-firing and potent Offense. Our running backs have extra S&C conditioning for two weeks and with the realistic practice game scrimmage we had yesterday, I would say we are ready. People can sit back and wait for the shock plays that may have been dreamed up, but for me, relaxation is the name of the game. I don’t care when something works for the Plaineagles, am confident Murray’s memory along with his O line’s memories will be seething from last year. They will get points back and add a few more each time. Vengence is ourn sayeth the Dawgs. Their secondary cannot stay up with Bobo’s O weapons. Their only hope in the game is to not let us up by two scores before half cause they sure won’t outcoach or outscore this maturing team in the second half..

      WOOF, WOOF!!

      • Cojones

        By the way, if you think we spent all last week preparing only for NM ST, think again. Auburn doesn’t have a foot up on preparation and would probably sell their souls to have a scrimmage game like we had Sat.

      • Potent offense?

        Bobo a good thing?

        Was this satire?

        Every week I check the injury wire hoping Bobo is sick and someone has to take his place.

  14. Greg

    That line will go down quickly. I was thinking maybe 4 or 5 points.

  15. ChicagoDawg

    Not helpful.

  16. Cojones

    When I see Bodog and Covers as to what the REAL line is, I may come back to lay a bet with you. It will not be for money, rather for admissions of fallaceous thinking, i.e., If you lose you have to type in caps thrice: I WILL NOT DOUBT BOBO EVER AGAIN , on this blog. Just an example. Up for it?

    • Cojones

      Bodog is the only one missing, but everyone else has taken the 12.5 pts except Legends, who gives 13. Don’t see any reason for it to go below 12. Will give that to any bettor who would come up with interesting stakes related to Dawg Spirit. That goes for you as well, Muckbeast. Or any other astray Dawgs.

  17. Russ

    It will be 7.5 at game time (or smaller), but I’ll take a win by 1 point. We need to strap on our gear tight, because there will be some hitting going on. We can win if we play fully focused.

    • Cojones

      Yeah and most of the hittin’ is coming with red and BLACK (?) uniforms. Heh, heh, heh. Maybe the helmet is the only thing red?

      • God, I hope not. We should not wear anything but our traditionals for a while now. We’ve had no luck outside of the red and white since Jan. 2008. I’d prefer we get back to winning in Red & White before we think about busting out anything else for a while.

        • adam

          I don’t think the color of our jerseys (or helmets, for that matter) had anything to do with those losses.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            I tend to agree with you, mostly…but if you figure that those kids were out on a really big stage vs. Boise State, and how self-conscious you can be at that age, and they knew how much the fans hated those uniforms…like going into a boxing ring wearing bunny slippers or something, it’s hard to take yourself seriously…

            I’m not sure…plus, I have my suspicions about those stupid shoes. We were slipping and losing shoes a lot.

            • adam

              the team that is trying to prove it belongs on the big stage rarely does.

              that’s what i thought happened. guys were nervous and we had a lot of young guys playing against a team that was almost all 3 to 5 year starters. if we played them now, i think we’d beat their ass, honestly.

    • Absolute nonsense. This line is definitely not moving 5 points.

  18. What’s interesting to me is most Dawgs fans were certain we were going to whoop Auburn’s ass in the pre-season, and there was still a large segment of the fan base who felt that way even after we started out with the 2 losses. Now with the team on a 7 game winning streak and the Florida monkey off our back, I’m seeing a lot of Dawg fans get really apprehensive about Auburn all of a sudden.

    Their defense still sucks, and Cam Newton is in the NFL. What is there to fear from this game exactly? Is it because of the history of each team ruining the other’s season? Are we still shell-shocked from the past several seasons and waiting for the other shoe to drop?

    Just seems odd that with our team seemingly playing its best football, now all of a sudden we’re worried about a team that not too long ago we were certain we were going to destroy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this will be an easy one, but our boys are flat-out more talented than Auburn on both offense and defense.

    You don’t think Aaron Murray will be ready for this one? You don’t think Jarvis Jones (from Columbus, GA) will be ready for this one? I, for one, believe our guys will be 100% focused for these bastards and will get the job done.


  19. 69Dawg

    Question, can a linebacker tackle a running back coming through the line without the ball or would that be considered defensive holding???? Seems like a good way to stop this wheel route BS.

  20. AU is in the bottom half of the conference in PPG, passing offense and total offense. They are good at running the ball. They are in the bottom three in defense in PPG allowed, total yards, rushing yards and passing yards allowed. They are very good at finding a way to stay in finding ways to win games they shouldn’t have. The last part worries me. The first part has a 2 td win written all over it. Vegas looks at the numbers.

    • Cojones

      Agreed, but you should go to an Auburn site to hear about their world class QB and receivers they have cultivated since midseason . And now their shitty injured players are healed and miraculously will make the difference to us ignorant Dawgs with all our shitty players. You have to read it to believe it. And their D! Man, they have corrected every blemish and have renewed talent at all the lb positions that will stop Murray cold. And they are coming to Athens and mop up…….oh well, you have to read it to believe (or laugh at) the miraculous changes in their off week.

  21. The General

    Really wish Malcome didn’t have glaucoma, because the team would have really benefitted from him getting some live-bullet carries against NMSU. Love the way Harton and Karempelis ran with their hair on fire, but going into Auburn, I sure would like to have a bruiser with even the slightest bit of experience. Malcome hasn’t had his youthful (onfield) mistake yet, (see Crowell’s fumble v. SC, Harton’s fumble on the goal line v. NMSU). I’d hate to see it happen in a key situation this Saturday.Arkansas, LSU, and Clemson are all respectable losses, even if they weren’t close. This Auburn team will show up, make no mistake. The opening line is ridiculous. Local radio and even the WWL are already talking LSU-UGA. Richt should ban the team from speaking to or looking at any media this week. HUNKER DOWN!

  22. buzzDawg

    Auburn will be a tough fight. It has been for the last few years. I agree the rivalry has turned bitter with the Fairley cheap shots last year. Hopefully the Dawgs will use that as motivation to play tough but fair – we don’t need the penalties. As to the students not showing up for NM State – it was freezing with the wind. I don’t see how some of the young scantily dressed coeds did not freeze to death.