Here’s a video I’d like to see:

… The thing that’s a little bit different with our guys in their relationship to Erk Russell is that we invited him to come my first year. He spoke to the team, but he also spoke to the defense. There was a time where not only that group got to hear him, but we kept the video of it. From time to time we would show it to the defense, more so than the offense, because he was really talking about what he did with the defense. Our guys knew who Erk Russell was. They might not have been sitting in the room when he was there in person, but just about every defensive player that has come through here has seen the video. I don’t remember the last time we have seen it, but it’s probably time to pull the thing out…

Probably time to pull it out?  Hells yeah, it is.



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  1. Spike

    I had the good fourtune to meet Coach Russell once. He had the srongest handshake of anyone I have ever met.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Half day of work complete, I’m hitting the road in a few minutes for Thanksgiving and probably won’t be checking back in until after the unpleasantness at Bobby Dodd.

    I’m thankful for this blog, though, and the community of folks who come around here. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to be either a Bulldog or a Yellow Jacket when I graduated from high school (and also a Tiger or a Tar Heel), and that I had the wisdom to choose being a Bulldog. I’m thankful for a winning season with plenty of infuriating moments that will fuel an offseason’s worth of discussion. And, mostly, I’m just thankful that after the game’s over at the Joke by Coke on Saturday, I get to leave and I won’t have to set foot there again for two solid years. Happy Thanksgiving to all, even Mike the Gator.


  3. Brandon

    I doubt it’s family friendly.


  4. Saint Johns Dawg

    “Gentlemen, our plan is to kick Tech’s ASS! We have no other plan.”


  5. PNWDawg

    This needs to be at the top of Crowell’s Netflix queue. It’s speed and power you need, Isaiah. Not weed and cower.


  6. JG Shellnutt

    Erk wasn’t just a great coach, he made you like him, want to please him. He had his moments of getting on to guys and showing the angry side, but more than that, he made everyone around him want to please him.

    He was a special guy. Here’s to hoping that video gets shown for the Tech game and also for the SECCG


  7. Spike

    What Go Dawgs said…


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    If nobody remembers the last time the video was played, then it’s definitely time to play it again. And then mark it on the calendar for re-play next season.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I know that it is blasphemy to some on this blog to not pay homage to Vince Dooley as if he were a god but this seems as good a spot to say this as has been presented on this blog in quite a while. The real power figure of the Dooley era was Erk. After Erk left the program was on autopilot for a few years but by the time Vince retired as HC the program had become mediocre. That was why Vince retired. The worst thing that happened to the University of Georgia football program was the day Vince Dooley decided NOT to take the Auburn job. Had Vince left, it was already set up that Erk was going to be hired as the new UGA head football coach. Can you imagine the number of SEC Championships and BCSNCs UGA would have won? Erk would have become head coach at the age of 51 and would have been in that position for probably 20 years. The program was already hitting on all 8 cylinders and there would have been no drop-off. With the benefit of hindsight one can now see that UGA would have become the dominate program in the SEC for the rest of the 80s and the decade of the 90s until Erk retired and CMR arrived in 2001.There would never have been a Ray Goff period which was what dragged the program down and which we still are recovering from (see UGA-FLA series). In retrospect the way it played out was the best thing that could have happened for Georgia Southern and the worst thing for the University of Georgia.