Opening up another bottle of tasty, bitter tears

As you might expect, the schadenfreude on the Tech message boards is fairly epic – they’ve had a lot of practice, after all – but these are my two favorite threads so far:

  • My friend, what you call the ACC’s circle of parity is really a circle of mediocrity.  By the way, in case you weren’t paying attention, the score was SEC 3, ACC1 yesterday.
  • If Tech fires Paul Johnson, who should be hired as the replacement?  It’s a serious question that gets a delusional answer.

Best thing for me is that I’m sure they’ll be topped.  Just give ’em time.



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51 responses to “Opening up another bottle of tasty, bitter tears

  1. The other Doug

    Can you imagine the carnage if Tech switches coaches and therefore offensive scheme? Small O linemen, no WRs, and no QBs who can throw is the team.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    One of those idiots even said the “Big 12 is clearly better than the SEC this year”. LOL. Hey nerds, I’m sure Urban Meyer will come to Tech just because his daughter plays on the volleyball team, just keep telling yourself that.


  3. JasonC

    #4 SEC 9-2 beats #4 ACC 8-3
    #5 SEC 9-1 beats #2 ACC 9-2
    #9 SEC 5-6 beats #8 ACC 6-5
    #7 SEC 6-5 loses to #3 ACC 7-4


  4. timphd

    God, I thought the Jacket faithful were supposed to be smart! Now all I hear is delusional crap like getting Meyer or Saban? Seriously? They still think Johnson is a genius, but just needs to recruit better. Ya think? No matter what they do, their defense will always struggle against a traditional offensive scheme because it practices against the Vaunted Option daily and never sees a good offense in practice. One of the Tech guys is quoted in the AJC as saying they couldn’t cover Orson Charles because they “weren’t in position to stop him”. Goodness gracious, makes me want them to keep PJ forever.


    • Cojones

      I recall that not that long ago we were getting the same suggestions from some Dawg “fans”. By seeing it from afar, I hope all those silly shits get over their arrogant Monday Morning QBing and begin to appreciate a really good team and staff. Remember, were it not for Richt, with Bobo and Grantham, you could be whining the same insane crap. Many of us,however, enjoyed all the 10 wins while some of you were sounding exactly like Techsters through win 6.

      A great coaching staff has coached this believing team out of chaos and into UGA Annals. May it continue at least one more week. And if you nonbelievers still get on the bus, I for one, would like to see your comments about next week’s game beforehand in case we lose. How about some matchups on D and O. And while we are at it, let’s see some outline of Bobo’s play calling during the Tech game.


      • Richt and Grantham maybe, but Bobo is still a cancer left over from Richt’s cronyism days where people kept their jobs not by merit but because Richt was too nice to upgrade.
        Bobo is still not a top notch OC. He is not as good an OC as Grantham is DC, and we deserve top notch at both coordinator positions.
        Also, the difference between the UGA job and the GaTech job is UGA actually CAN get anyone.


        • At this moment, Georgia is third in the conference in total offense and fourth in scoring offense. Considering that he’s had to break in a new group at wide receiver, live on the edge with the lack of depth on the o-line and juggle his running backs from week to week, maybe he deserves some slack, eh?


          • Complete Idiot

            No slack from me, Senator. Not when we could ask Mike Martz to come in and clean up Bobo’s mess. And he’d be grateful for the opportunity to do it. Seriously!


  5. gastr1

    I like this one from stingtalk…
    “I say we hire that Head coach from the Bills. whats his name again? Dan bailey? Hes doing good with them. I think he would be a good man for the job.”


  6. BMan

    My favorite from the Stingtalk link was “or that guy from Monday Night Football.” Surely the poster meant Mike Tirico.

    From the other link where they get off on a tangent of sucking off the Big 12 in an effort to disparage the SEC, the “logic” gets so incredibly convoluted, you wonder how they ever pass a class.


  7. BMan

    Here’s my favorite bit of logic from the ACC circle jerk of parity:

    “If they had to play more games against the Big 12 and Pac 12 (their two biggest challengers of the past 5-6 years) they would not have been quite as dominant.

    And really, they probably should not be 5-0 in the last 5 BCS title games. Oklahoma and Oregon were a play or 2 away from winning those games. I think they obviously could have gone either way. And Texas-Bama would probably have been the same way with McCoy playing.

    I think the SEC was a little lucky to win all 5. Their probably “Should” be something like 4-1 or 3-2 in those past 5 games.”


  8. Bulldog Joe

    You have to give Stink Talk some credit for taking the time to build that ACC circle jerk diagram, and even more credit for trying to pass it off as a positive.


  9. Skeeter

    They’re not bottled. Those tears are fresh squeezed!


  10. 81Dog

    I love the smell of schadenfreude the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving. It smells like VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Turd Ferguson

    Well, they’re right about one thing: There certainly is a pattern …


  12. ChicagoDawg

    As always, the defeat of Tech is gift that keeps on giving. It is the CFB equivalent of an annuity.

    A single, non-conference ‘W’, over a mediocre opponent should not yield this much pleasure — yet it never fails to satisfy. Even when the have a coach who is impossible to dislike, the football gods provide us with Reggie Ball. Reggie leaves us and we are provided with the manna that is Moobs Johnson aka “New Sheriff” and the literary stylings of Bradley and Schultz trumpeting his “genius.”

    Good times.


  13. AusDawg85

    First of all…a Message Board? Wasn’t that what Al Gore invented in the 1980’s? They are impossible to read. Good to know the nerds can’t figure-out the whole modern interwebby thingy.

    And then the spineless protection of their precious rant pages. No open forum sign-up so as to “keep proper decorum”…really?! With all the bile and playground taunting they spew, they’re afraid of “us” bullies logging-in to their little playground?

    Don’t worry nerds…you aren’t worth it, never were, never will be.


    • Message Boards are about a zillion times superior for having an actual online discussion to a blog. On a blog, only the blog creator can create a topic, and generally there is massive topic drift and disorganization in response to a single blog post.
      Usenet is better than both message boards AND blogs for discussions, but sadly it died off. 😦


  14. Macallanlover

    Abry’s injury wasn’t due to a chop block but that is a very dangerous scheme to play against the week before the SECCG. Still want that game dropped/moved. Just not enough in it for the amount of risk involved, and it isn’t worth a home and home. Much prefer another mid-major home game, or a more respected opponent. The risk/reward ratio is out of balance.


  15. Comin' Down The Track

    Pathetic. The largely red and black clad crowd was openly mocking the little yeller fellers at their own field yesterday and they just had to sit there and take it. Heads hung, shoulders stooped in the face of constant jeers and cackling laughter (we really have some grade A comedians in our ranks).
    We have beaten the will to live out of them. They are vanquished for many ages to come. For when the King of the Nerds finally abdicates, he will leave unto them a legacy of scorched earth and an absolute absence of actual football players in his wake.


  16. Brandon

    I saw this Coach replacement thread yesterday after our game, it reeks of awesome. As for the ACC Circle of Parity thing, if one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then our friends on North Avenue are certifiable because they make this argument every year and every year it is proved wrong. Also, holy cow they abuse one another on their message boards, I was shocked by the viciousness of the attacks they yield from behind the monitor with their keyboard swords, it must be a holdover from the raw brutality they gain playing world of warcraft.


  17. gastr1

    All of these comments are hilarious. I must say, as a non-Georgian I did not get the Tech rivalry when I went to UGA years back–hated Florida so much more. I didn’t spend much time in Atlanta, didn’t know how deep the bile ran. It was only until the interwebs, when I had moved out of state and got exposed to the 2008 debacle, that I truly gained understanding of the heat that fuels this thing. It feels good to be on the bus; it feels GOOD to hate a bunch of sad-sack losers and know that you can never take your foot out of their ass for one second because of the interminable year it will take to get it back in.

    Rock on, Mark Richt, and thank you, Dawgs, for beating those flaming hypocrite fucktards at NATS.


  18. The Rodfather

    WOW! The toilet bowl of parity thread was absolutely hilarious. I live close to tiger country and work with a bunch of Klempsin grads so I am no stranger to ACC delusions of grandeur, but that thread takes the cake. Not even their third-world radio station up the road w/ the afternoon host who blindly supports JoePa, thinks UGA and Richt are terrible, and has a man-crush on Paul Johnson can compete with that tripe.

    I think the nerds are taking this whole football thing a little to seriously. I mean devising your own computer ranking system? Lauding the Big12’s accomplishments while degrading the SEC, all in an effort to somehow wave the ACC banner? Seriously. Stop. Go get some fresh air, try a little face-to-face social interaction, maybe even meet a woman. Just face it, big time football is not your thing, or your coach’s thing, or your conference’s thing…..Bwahahaha! SEC! SEC! SEC!


    • Faulkner

      Would love to know which host on 790 blindly supports Joe Pa etc…


      • The Rodfather

        Sorry, should have been more clear. 104.9 in Clemson – Walt Deptula. I rarely listen (mostly hear secondhand from Clemson friends) but did hear him say that PSU should not have fired JP and it was basically in response to a media witch-hunt. I don’t know (nor do I care) if he has revised his opinion on that matter. He has constantly bashed UGA and Richt this year saying that he’s washed up and should have been fired last year. He is somehow convinced that CPJ is a genius. I would like to hear what he has to say tomorrow, but will be out of town.


        • JC

          Yep..I live in Greenville and listen to 104.9 when driving and heard those comments. Walt DID say Penn St shouldn’t have fired Paterno, he thinks CPJ is a genius (can’t tell you how many times he’s bragged on him saying he’s much better than Richt) and openly mocks UGA. But yet…I still listen?? Maybe I’m the crazy one.


  19. shane#1

    I spent some time reading the Tech blogs last night, what gloom and doom. Trolling was not called for, as the Techies were trolling their own program. My favorite? Bring Oleary back. Pitiful!


    • Cojones

      What’s really pitiful is that they still don’t recognize who the power behind his throne was; – he became coach of Maryland for years and O’Leary bailed for ND…OOOps!… make that CFU.


      • Brandon

        Right on.


        • shane#1

          Johnson does not seem to make a good impression, too much ego, not enough humility. We had an assistant coach take over our HS program after the HC that we loved moved on to bigger things. That bastard only stayed a year and us kids were glad of it. I met Chan once when he was recruiting in Albany and he gave off no arrogant vibes, unlike Johnson.


  20. scooter329

    I’ll admit that one of my biggest guilty pleasures after a dawgs win is lurking the opposing team’s message boards….and I’d have to say that the tech ones are some of the most fun.

    Obviously team message boards are delusional no matter who you are talking about, but the closed nature of the tech ones ratchets it up to new levels…the real circle jerk is a bunch of nerds that allow nothing even resembling a dissenting opinion to enter their little world like stingtalk.

    One thing I’ve noticed in my short ventures into GT lala land is their seemingly universal agreement that Vad Lee will be their savior next year: actually saw one post claiming he was going to be better than Eric Crouch was at Nebraska.

    Now I don’t follow recruiting much outside of UGA and the SEC to a lesser degree, but I thought Vad Lee was a 3 star rated Athlete that wasn’t anything special. Is this guy a diamond in the rough I haven’t heard about or are the Tech fans just grasping at straws in a major way?


    • gastr1

      Sounds like typical fan bullshit. frankly. You may recall similar comments a few years back from another rival fanbase about a pro-style QB they would be breaking in who was going to be “better than Stafford.”

      (John Brantley.)


  21. heyberto

    I actually feel bad for Tech fans. Not those douchebags that were celebrating Larry Munson’s demise, but the average Tech fan. Even at our darkest point last year, our situation wasn’t as bad as they’re depicting over at the boards. I know many of you probably won’t have much, if any, sympathy, and that’s cool.. but to finally be face to face with your true self and recognizing it for the first time is pretty sobering, and that may be the first time I’ve seen that out of Tech fans. That doesn’t take away the sweet feeling of dominance we have over them, but it does make me feel a measure of sympathy, and I’m surprised at that myself.


  22. JasonC

    Maybe Tech should try to move the game to jax’ville.