“This work is transformational.”

There are times when it’s hard to imagine an organization with its head farther up its ass than the NCAA’s.  There is obviously a major fight going on over the implementation of Emmert’s pet $2000 athlete stipend – off-again, on-again, unless five-eights of all D-1 schools vote to override it – which boils down to the have schools imposing their way on the have-nots.

And yet there are some who would insist that the goal is more noble, like California athletic director Sandy Barbour.

“I stand in support of a delay in implementation and an extended effective date. Those of us in support are doing it because it’s the right thing to do for our student-athletes. Let’s get it right. A delay may draw criticism, but that criticism will be even deeper and longer-lasting if we do not get it right.”

Some dude named Ed Ray dittos that.

“We’ve talked about wanting to move in an expedited way and we all understand that when you try to create systematic change quickly, you can make mistakes,” he said. “I think the question constantly is — Who bares the risk of getting it wrong?

“You have to make sure you step back and be comfortable with what’s being proposed before you go forward with it.”

Meanwhile, here’s the reality of what these geniuses have put together so far.

Mid- and lower-echelon Division I schools objected to the financial burden they said the payments would bring. Others raised gender-equity concerns; there generally are more men’s than women’s athletes on full scholarship because of football’s larger rosters.

There were enough formal objections, from 160 schools, to suspend the measure until the board of directors restudied it.

That suspension didn’t come until December. The NCAA has said that some 1,000 prospects who signed letters-of-intent in November – most of them in football and basketball – can get the additional money if it were promised to them.

Those signing in February and April cannot.

These folks make Congress look sharp.


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12 responses to ““This work is transformational.”

  1. Zdawg

    The work is ‘transformational?’ Are they going to write a self help book?

    At least they are moving forward with the multi year schollys.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    What does it look like when someone ‘bares a risk’? Tsk, Tsk. Relying on the spell check to proof read.


  3. 69Dawg

    When are the big boys just going to cut and run. Screw the NCAA, start the Big Ass Universities Sports League. Do whatever you can and how ever you can. If you can’t play with the big Dawgs stay under the porch (NCAA).


  4. “Transformational.” Jeez, I’m trying to come up with an organization with a more inflated sense of its own value to American society than the NCAA, but it’s hard.


  5. Lrgk9

    Uhh – ESPN gives the NCAA a run for its money in the Pomp’ass’ity Arena imo.



    “these folks make congress look sharp”…..While I agree the whole situation is a developing “charley-foxtrot”…this is taking hyperbole to a new level.


  7. JasonC

    They really do need to wait and give it more time because the folks at Auburn haven’t sorted out if they should take the $2000 stipend out of the backpacks of money that they illegally give the players or if it is in addition to it.