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Life imitates art.

There’s no way this comes to fruition, but if it would help, I’d be willing to pay good money for it.

Auburn: Sources tell me that Auburn head coach Gene Chizik has interest in former Illinois head coach Ron Zook for the defensive coordinator position.

Trooper and Zooker.  Man, talk about your dream team coaching staff.  That would be your ultimate controlled experiment of Jimmies-and-Joes vs. Xs-and-Os.  Sort of recruiting über alles.


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“I hate change.”

Shorter Michael Rosenberg:  If you ignore BYU winning a national title in 1984, the old bowl system makes a lot more sense than what we’ve got now.


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“It’s been real Athens … but all good things come to an end.”

So what do we make of Jordan Love being granted his release from the program?  Roster management?  Cancer removal?  Both?  Neither?


UPDATE:  Not that it’s in any way an explanation, but note the second story at this link.


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Pious baloney

If we should judge Presidential candidates on having at least a passing familiarity with the sport we know and love, almost half the Republican field wiped themselves out last night.

… At the very end, just as I was beginning to wonder if the end would ever come, they were asked what would they be doing on Saturday night if they weren’t on that stage. (Ooh, ooh! Ask me! Ask me!) Gingrich started off by saying he’d be home “watching the national-championship college basketball game.” He meant the football game, and he caught himself, sort of, so we’ll give him a pass. Then two of his compadres — including Willard — agreed with him. Yeah, they’d be watching that national-championship game, you betcha, boy howdy.

The BCS championship game takes place Monday night. Three members of the Republican presidential field told America last night that, if they weren’t in New Hampshire being dicks to themselves and the rest of the nation, they’d be home watching a football game that wouldn’t be played for nearly another 48 hours.

I bet Obama knows when the title game is scheduled.  At least Perry had the sense to say he’d rather be off by himself and his shotgun.

Seriously, this is what happens when a bunch of rich, self-obsessed politicians try to pass themselves off as one of the boys settling back with a six-pack and a football game.

Leave sports to the people who care, fellas.  We’ll all be happier for it.


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