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Scot Loeffler orders the Code Red.

I probably sound like I’m piling on, but Scot Loeffler won the introductory presser yesterday by knowing his job (“at the end of the day, it’s our job to score football points.”).  I just wish somebody in the press corps had a sense of humor about it:

You said points, I said football points? You said “is there any other kind?”

I love you, coachspeak.


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Panic mode

Our kindly BCS overlords appear to be freaking out over declining ratings and attendance.

Bill Hancock advises everyone to chillax.

“Every idea is on the table for the future of the BCS, including moving away from midweek games after Jan. 1,” Hancock said. “But it’s too early to speculate about what changes, if any, might be made.

“Certainly there is no leader in the clubhouse. The [conference] commissioners will not make the decision in a vacuum.”

That’s because ESPN abhors a vacuum, dude.  There’s a problem, and it’s one that they’re powerless to change, because they’re too firmly latched on to the teat of postseason broadcast money.

“The ratings clock starts clicking down the more you get away from the Rose Bowl,” a bowl source said. “You lose the buzz of a bowl game the further you get away from New Year’s Day unless you have some spectacular matchup.”

They’ll come up with something and slap a playoff label on it, in the hope that we’ll get all excited.  And it’ll probably work, at least for a while.  But the reality of an extended TV schedule won’t change just because of that.  More and more, there’s only one constituency that college football has to keep happy.  Hancock’s bosses are too blind, too stubborn or too stupid to see otherwise.


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One less big Samoan

Say it ain’t so, Chester.  I’m truly bummed, but wish the best for you.

Lots of rumors that he ran afoul of Georgia’s new anti-immigration law and its scholarship restrictions.  If that’s true, talk about your unintended consequences – I bet there are more than a few pro-Dawg legislators who didn’t see this one coming.


UPDATE:  So much for one argument.


UPDATE #2:  It’s not the statute.  It’s the Board of Regents policy.

… a variety of people with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed to the AJC on Tuesday that Brown’s change of heart was because his admissions application to UGA was rejected because of a controversial Board of Regents policy that was adopted in October 2010.

That policy, created in the wake of the Jessica Colotl uproar at Kennesaw State earlier that year, states that an undocumented student can’t take the seat of an otherwise academically qualified Georgia resident who has been turned away because of capacity constraints.


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