Musical palate cleanser, pre-signing day edition

Click here to listen to “Horse Back”, a new 30-minute jam from Neil Young and Crazy Horse.  (If you’re a Zuma fan, you’ll thank me.)


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10 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, pre-signing day edition

    • pieces of flair

      Should the Board resign due to their inaction in June? Probably. But that doesn’t mean that JoePa got a raw deal. He got canned, which is exactly what the other 3 senior officials got for enabling a child rapist. The 4 of them should have got canned in June. I wouldn’t call that a raw deal. I’d call it getting to stay on the job for 5 months longer than you should have.


      • Scott

        Well I agree that with your first point. But we can agree to disagree about whether Joe Pa enabled a child molester.

        Back on Nov.17, the Senator linked to an article about PSU’s outside General Counsel, Wendell Courtney, who told NYT that PSU never informed him or sought his advice about the allegations. Courtney claimed that had PSU sought his counsel, things would have turned out different.

        Well low and behold, it turns out Wendell Courtney was also the outside general counsel for Second Mile charity. Courtney was in possession of a written report about Sandusky showering with kids as early as 1998, and Courtney had direct knowledge and met with police as part of its 1998 investigation by District Attorney Ray Gricar.


    • Hackerdog

      You’re arguing that, because Paterno’s contract didn’t require that he go beyond minimal actions to try to protect children being raped in the PSU athletic facilities, he wasn’t required to do anything beyond what he did? That line of reasoning is positively Sabanesque.


  1. golferlou



  2. Tom Green

    Glenn Humplik is an o-lympic gymnast…


  3. Babyfarts McGeesax

    I think I listened to this 10 times on Saturday.

    Just fantastic stuff. Crossing my fingers for a Crazy Horse tour this summer.


  4. Lrgk9

    Rip it off your sound board


  5. The Lone Stranger

    Long may you rust, Shakey Young… The guy just gets grittier/gutsier with age!


  6. The Lone Stranger

    And what’s with this willfully ignorant cretin, Scott … best not to come around a blog-concert spouting off ill-received justifications for a thoroughly inbred and culpable football “society” (ie. PSU). Go clap hands with similarly mob-minded deniers at some lesser blog.