Burning down the house

All I’ve got to say is that if Michigan State can figure out a way to do this, then Georgia sure as hell can get Hines Ward on the coaching staff.


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15 responses to “Burning down the house

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Good for Michigan State and good for Rison.

  2. shane#1

    Damn right, Hines could work as a graduate asst and earn a masters to further his coaching career.

  3. Meg

    It should be noted that Rison had three years experience as a HS asst coach and 2 years as a head coach before taking this on. Just saying that Ward might want to consider doing the asst coach HS thing first to get his sea legs and decide if this is really for him.

    • gastr1

      I agree. The problem is that, if you do this for Hines, do you have to do it for every notable ex-player who comes calling?

      • shane#1

        The reason for being a graduate assistant is to get your sea legs and see if coaching is for you. Besides, most HS coaching jobs, at least at major schools, require a masters degree. Get the masters first, then go for a HS job as an assistant if you want. Anyway, I don’t see a parade of Super Bowl MVPs and All Pros lining up to coach at UGA.

      • DC Dawg

        Nah, just the Super Bowl MVPs or Heisman winners. Seems fair, right?

  4. Cojones

    No doubt that we want Hines Ward to have an input to our football team. Good coaches are able to impart their psyche as well as improve players’s athletic talent , but his value to the team doesn’t start nor end there. You would think that the AD, along with McGarity as Head, could come up with something that would let him be involved with recruiting.

    Meanwhile, let’s don’t put this responsibility on Richt’s back. Once that happens, the hyenic trolls will be on here like fleas on our Dawgs. We should openly encourage McGarity to use his political skills to help find a way. Certainly between our athletic dept. lawyer (who knows the NCAA rules) and McGarity there is a solution.

    • DCB Dawg

      McGarity has political skills? I haven’t seen him display too many skills of any kind over these first 18 months of his tenure.

      • Cojones

        One can hope.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The NCAA hasn’t suspended any of our players has it? Remember the Jarvis Jones situation? How did that one work out for UGA? Political skills, if used right, are seldom seen publicly.

        • DCB Dawg

          The NCAA doesn’t have to. We’re more than ready to suspend players ourselves. As for McGarity and JJ, if you think McG deserves credit for JJ’s guardian having dated somebody, so be it.

  5. South FL Dawg

    No doubt Hines would be great for recruiting and representing the program. We have no way to know if he can coach though. Or even that he’d really want to do everything that goes along with the job. I wish he would take at least a year off and then decide how much time he’s willing to give up to work again. Besides that I think Tony Ball is doing a good job coaching the WR’s.

  6. 69Dawg

    This is an athletic department that can’t get an extension for it’s HC or one of the best assistant coaches in the country, what makes anyone think these dumb asses would get Hines in grad school so he could coach. We have a school that is going to pay it’s hated president a 2.5 million dollar severance package, what does that tell you about good ole UGA.