Pavlov’s Commissioner

How pure a knee-jerk response is this?

Not surprisingly, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive opposes Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott’s suggestion of a football “plus one” championship game after the bowl season.

Slive said today the plus-one would narrow the postseason “in a way that’s not necessarily in the best interests of all of the conferences.”

Slive knows what’s best.

“It’s interesting because clearly what we did (with the SEC/Big 12 bowl) created a lot of thinking by a lot of people,” Slive said during an interview from the SEC baseball tournament. “I appreciate people thinking about that. But I think what’s in the best interest of college football is a four-team playoff. I think it’s better for everyone involved in the game.”

Here’s the thing.  Slive says he’s willing to talk about the selection process.  No doubt he is.  Problem is whether anyone else is willing to listen to him.  In the end, his choice may not be between a plus-one and a four-team playoff.  If these people can’t reach a consensus, it may wind up being a choice between a plus-0ne and doing nothing.  Which of those options would set Slive to drooling?



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3 responses to “Pavlov’s Commissioner

  1. BMan

    I believe he’d take what’s behind door number two, Senator.


  2. Dawgaholic

    3 games for big money every year or 1 game for big money and a few maybes. No championship will be legitimate without the SEC. No other conference can say that. Slive holds a lot of cards.


  3. Meg

    At this point, either go to a full playoff or just go back to awesome bowl anarchy on New Year’s Day. None of this BCS BS 7 days later.