An early contender for the meme of 2012

If David Andrews has a competent year at center for Georgia this season, expect to hear this line.  A lot.

“Everyone talks about size and stuff. I don’t want to go cliché, but it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” Andrews said.

We might as well go ahead and cue the Uncle Verne drinking game.


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20 responses to “An early contender for the meme of 2012

  1. Would love to hear Richt say “pretty ‘damn’ good” instead of “pretty ‘darn'”. Just sayin’.

  2. IveyLeaguer

    Sounds like Andrews is going to be fine. I’ve always thought it likely that he would be.

    And that’s good. Because we can’t be as good on the OL without him at Center.

  3. S.E. Dawg

    Wasn’t it Boise States center that was so small and everyone thought our players were just going to run over him. Well, we all know how that worked out.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Precisely what I have been thinking everytime I read references to Andrews, which has been a lot. The cat for Boise was 5’11” and I don’t recall ever feeling like there was a big mis-match while watching that game, despite all the assumptions made during the summer.

      • IveyLeaguer

        Andrews’ height is not a problem at all. If you could make him any height you want I doubt you’d add more than an inch, maybe inch-and-a-half.

  4. HobnailedBoots

    You know, I’m not sure what all the talk about his size is, anyway. He’s no short drink of water. He’s listed at 6’2, 295. Even if he’s 6’1 or 6′, I don’t see how that’s a negative. You don’t want him to be too tall for the QB to see over, and being a hair shorter makes it easier for him to get leverage against taller D-linemen anyway. If he was 6’0 275lbs, I might be concerned, but he’s added 15 pounds over the Summer, so I’m not. I think he’s gonna do fine. Actually, Seth Emerson noted that during 1 on 1 OL vs. DL drills the other day, Andrews held his own against ol Big John Jenkins. If that’s not encouraging news, I don’t know what it.

  5. W Cobb Dawg

    A lot of players aren’t big enough and it doesn’t stop them from excelling. For us, the meme has usually applied to defense – Pollack, Curran, Jennings, Battle, etc. If Andrews wasn’t already doing fine the coaches would have shifted Lee or Burnette to C.

    • Cojones

      And don’t forget who is directing the chorus on this team. I like to hear that coming from the guy who commands the line to get in the correct formation, who enjoins them to protect their QB, who kicks them verbally to succeed each play and has ATTITUDE! When you are discussing his physical attributes, don’t forget that good grey matter gets it done through will power.

      I’m glad he practices vs Big John no matter whether he wins or loses the matchup. He is against the best in roadgraders. He has a smart brain that can deal with sneaky athletic manuevers.

      It’s pretty early, but we should see that Richt and the coaching staff knew this all along and just teased us to the point that they had crossed earlier in believing in Andrews.

      Sic’em Dawgs! One month to kickoff.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        If those dirty rotten sombitches employ those sneaky athletic maneuvers against us again this year…well, I don’t konw what I’m gonna do….I hate that….we’d just better hope Andrews uses his smart brain.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    A strategy/technical question. Can a center get by just holding off a nose guard, or is he actually expected to move someone out of the way? If the former, Andrews’s relative height may give him a lower center of gravity and make him hard to budge.

    • IveyLeaguer

      Good point. And it works the other way, too. It helps move people that are much bigger.

    • AusDawg85

      Good ones also know how to yell “lookout!” as a LB goes storming through the gap on a blitz.

      Just saying….

    • 69Dawg

      Since I played center I’ll repond. As was pointed out the BSU center had no problem with the size disadvantage. The guards can help the center on the nose if the nose is over the center. If we run single back sets the D will be in a 4 which takes the nose off the center. The center needs to be smart enough to pick up the Dline stunts and LB shooting the gap.

  7. I don’t know about the center being big enough or not but if the Senator suggests a drinking game ,Hell count me in. Do you drink when the fact that Andrews is undersized is mentioned or when someone mentions it ain’t the size of the dawg in the fight but the size of the fight in the dawg? Both /neither? Can someone text me when it’s time to drink,I’m at the games and don’t listen to the radio. I think I’ll just assume that if a nose tackle makes a play that I should take a shot of Bourbon and Coke…you know just in case.