“But a lot of times all a commitment does is identify who is the lead right now.”

I’ve been skeptical that the NCAA would ever adopt an early signing period for football.  But after reading Rodney Garner’s comments on the subject, I’m not so sure about that anymore.

“I think the NCAA is going to have to look at doing some things differently to put some sanity back into it, possibly an early signing day,” Garner said. “I am thinking if you could do something like have an early signing day on August 1 for those guys that are committed. At least you could get those guys locked in and you could focus on them. Because now really a commitment means nothing, it means absolutely nothing. We can say what we want to, ‘We have x number of players committed.’ But how many of them are actually committed? ‘I am committed but I am taking all five of my visits.’ Is that really committed?”

Garner’s certainly been around the recruiting block more than a few times, so I think we can agree that if he thinks things have changed, they probably have.  But let’s get real about this.  He’s not concerned about the kids.

“It is insane,” Garner said. “Just from a coaching standpoint — trying to plan some family time in the summer — you can plan on being out of town and then we have a kid coming in this weekend so you have to change your vacation. So there has to be something to put some sanity back into it. I think the NCAA will look at doing some things differently because of the calendar and the attention that is paid to recruiting. It will be interesting to see what transpires.”

I’m sure whatever that may be, it won’t be to favor the student-athlete.

And I’m still convinced that Andy Staples has the best suggestion for early signing.


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  1. LRGK9

    Sanity and College Football Recruiting
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    Safety and MSHA/OSHA
    Onshore Employment and General Electric Corporation
    Privacy and Google


  2. Macallanlover

    I agree with letting the recruits sign a binding Letter of Intent perhaps from the end of their junior year until the start of their senior season, perhaps August 1 so coaches can focus on Fall camp. You could limit the number in this early signing period to 50-75% of the eligible spots a school has and then suspend signings until a 2nd signing period, maybe mid-December when HS football is over with an ending date as opposed to a National Signing Day.

    I would argue it would advantageous to all concerned if the athlete could make a decision, and both parties be held accountable for that contract. It would reduce the flip-flopping, allow the player to focus on his HS season, and provide a “cooling off period” where the school could see what their unfilled needs were and the athlete to have a better idea of the depth situation at each school. The amount of wasted money and drama could fall to a tolerable level. I think both sides win under this plan and an athlete that wants to keep their options open and wait until January/February could still do so.


  3. Nahila

    I agree completely that there should be an early signing period for those athletes that know where they want to attend college and play their respective sport, not just football. The Universities are granting expensive (to alumni and taxpayers alike) scholarships to these athletes and an early signing period would reduce the recruiting expenses so that money could be utilized elsewhere to improve safety and better living standards including possible limited stipends.


  4. ChicagoDawg

    An early signing period is likely to just usher in the nonsense even quicker. Why do we think the basketball model will end well? Kids will just commit in the 10th grade vs 11th and 12th. With the advent of 7×7 leagues we are racing towards AAU style dysfunction that became prevalent with CBB 25 years ago, which has worked out so well. Let’s get some more basketball like street agents in the mix and we are really cooking.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Guess I’d be okay with an early signing period if that player got a scholly for a minimum of something like 3 years. Can’t say I’ve given the subject any thought. If Garner doesn’t like the hours….


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    If there were an early signing period, would that mean that Saban would have to cut players earlier?


  7. NewnanDawg

    I think the first change that should be made is allowing official visits in the recruit’s junior year. Then they can truly say they are focused on their senior season and as long as the limit stays at 5 visits, then a college coach can see that his commitment is more solid if he was allowed to take the visits before committing instead of after.


    • ChicagoDawg

      I say allow a total of 10 officials, 5 during jr year and 5 during sr year. However, this should be coupled with stopping the perpetual, year around “unofficial vists”. Gives the recruits the opportunity to have 10 all expense paid trips to better inform their decision, but restricts and brings some order to the mess that Garner sites.