Third snarky bowl thought of the day

When you’re the third place finisher in a conference that will cease to exist, being choosy about which bowl game you want to play in probably isn’t the brightest strategy in the world.


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7 responses to “Third snarky bowl thought of the day

  1. Griff

    Especially when your coach is being talked about for other jobs. This is one of those decisions that could send a team on the rise right back to the cellar.


  2. stoopnagle

    That’s some quality hate: giving up a bowl to spite the other team. Quality.


    • The Lone Stranger

      I thought prescisely the same; the mighty UnderDogs did not want any part of NE Louisiana and cut their own throats in the process. Brilliant!!


  3. deebflop

    Yeah… when they’re accepting waivers for 6-7 teams, you better take what you can get.
    The “mother of all back-ins” continues.


  4. Ed Kilgore

    Senator, maybe you’re getting around to this, but last night’s ESPN Bowl Special devoted virtually all of its brief coverage of the Cap One matchup to predictions that Nebraska would be in a great position to upset Georgia. Is this the WWL’s tribute to its ABC partner in an effort to boost ratings for a game between the team that scored four TDs against Alabama versus the one that gave up 70 points to Wisconsin?