A page is born.

I finally got around to keeping one of my commitments by making a permanent page for The Montana Project.  Enjoy.

And Hoppy, you’re still ‘da man.


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5 responses to “A page is born.

  1. Senator, Thank you! You ‘ da Man too….


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    That was fun. The “Georgia Gators?” guess. That one seriously annoyed me!


  3. Marshall

    That was such a great idea and project. They really did a helluva job on that video. Glad it now has a dedicated page at GTP. Very cool!


  4. The Montana Project. Critics are raising it up and waxing it down with some saying it’s better than the original


  5. David

    For the record – just got back from a week’s vacation in Montana, and outside of one guy asking if I was a Grambling fan, everyone knew we were from Georgia before even asking.