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When you put it that way, it looks kinda grim.

Steele ranks Georgia dead last nationally in percentage of tackles returning.


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A roundabout MPC post

A very nice “aw, shucks” post about GTP here.  The only thing is… I don’t remember doing a Jo Jo Gunne palate cleanser before.

Fortunately, that’s easy to remedy with my favorite tune of theirs.  From the early 70’s, here’s “Run  Run  Run”.

There are very few songs that sound better being blasted out of a car stereo than that.  Trust me on this.



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Accountability for thee, but not for me.

Brian Kelly wants you all to know that he’s making Eddie Vanderdoes suffer with the consequences of the contract he signed with Notre Dame because Brian Kelly had to suffer, too.

… Kelly was asked whether it was fair he was allowed to leave Cincinnati in 2009, where he had a contract to coach the Bearcats through the 2013 season, and take the Notre Dame job and begin coaching the Irish the next season and Vanderdoes can’t play this season.

“I paid a million dollars in a buyout, too. There’s accountability in making those decisions,” Kelly said. “You can break the contract. He’s broken the contract and he’s going to go to another school. But there’s a level of accountability there.”

Sadly for Vanderdoes, his is not a level that includes having your new school toss a few extra bucks in the pot to make the move a little more palatable.

The document notes that “a significant part of the amount” listed as other reportable compensation “represents a one-time payment to Coach Kelly.” This likely was a signing incentive or money paid to him so he could pay his $1 million contract buyout to Cincinnati, or some combination of those.

Not to mention that Kelly is being paid roughly a million dollars more per year now than he was at his earlier stop.  You see, life’s been rough and it’s made Kelly a better man for it.  So Eddie needs to suck it up and learn a lesson here.

Actually there is a lesson to be learned.  It’s just not the one Kelly’s trying to sell.

It’s getting very hard to find the point where coaches stop feeding BS to the media and start believing their own nonsense is the truth.


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The first thing you need for a good highlight clip…

are highlights, of course.

As I said at the time, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a crazier game unfold in Sanford Stadium.  Special teams play and defensive lapses (that Patterson TD run still blows my mind) were incredibly frustrating, but as the video shows, there were a lot of fun things going on, too.

Gurshall ruled.


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