The Flea Flicker

I came across this clip of one of Georgia’s iconic plays the other day and thought it was worth sharing.

And remember, ‘Bama fans, he’s only down if they call it.


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  1. JN

    Two things jumped out at me.

    1) What kind of defense was Bama running? I’ve never seen one where the corners and safeties played as linemen.

    2.) That was a national TV game and Bama was sporting both white and crimson helmets. CFB has come a long way.

  2. Bob

    Bama did wear the two different colored helmets more than once under Bear. I remember this game like it was yesterday. Bear had his wide receivers wear white because of the similarity of the Tide’s crimson hats and our red ones. He wanted his quarterback to be able to pick out the receivers.

    But the pictures are on defense. Yep…two way play was quite the norm back in 65. This could have been a great season….two weeks later the big win in Ann Arbor. But injuries at mid-season gutted the team and we wound up 6-4 while Bama would move from 4th to 1st on New Years Day by whupping Nebraska while Arkansas, Michigan State and of course Nebraska all lost ahead of them.

    The next year, Dooley’s boys shared his first SEC title with a 10-1 mark.

  3. Macallanlover

    At age 16, that was before I became a CFB addict but that specific play/game has always been etched in my memory. Add to that listening to Munson’s call of the Michigan game later that season (imagine UGA/Michigan not being televised youngsters, and not just “live, no video at all) and the hook was firmly sunk in my mouth. It was the ’65 season that led me to become a Dawg fan forever. Thanks for the memories Senator.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Don’t ever call me an “old fart” again. You and I are the same age.🙂

    • Ogeecheedawg

      I believe your memory has failed you in part. I was a 19-year-old sophomore attending the 1965 Alabama game The student section was switched from the southeast corner (in 1964) to the northwest corner. Sanford had not yet been double-decked – it held about 42,000. School was not yet in session. Ed Thilenius was still the radio announcer in 1965. It was a big deal in 1966 when Thilenius resigned to take the job as the first play by play guy for the Falcons. Munson had just been hired to do play by play for the Braves first season in Atlanta, and pretty soon Munson was hired to broadcast the Dawgs, as well as the Braves. Munson left the Braves after a couple of years. In 1966, most of the Dawg faithful thought that there would never be another announcer as good as Ed Thilenius – little did they know.

  4. Athens Dog

    I had forgotten about the concession stands in the end zone. I grew up playing underneath the bleachers while my folks watched the game. Great memory.

  5. Oh how wonderful! Saw UGA on the sidelines. Was he UGA II or III?

  6. Mean Machine

    I grew up watching The Dooley Era: 25 Years of Georgia Football. What a great post Senator!

  7. Stumpy Pepys

    Was that Erk sprinting down the sideline on the interception at about at the 1:25 mark?

  8. BMan

    Penn Wagers would have called an unsportsmanlike penalty on the endzone celebration.

  9. Cojones

    As my wife and I were leaving the game, walking across the seats that had been vacated on the West end, we stopped for the final play on our 30 yd line. If the film could be blown up, you would see several people leaping up and down on the seats oblivious to the balancing act that called for. We saw the entire play unfoldon our side of the field from 20 rows up. After the play and the two pointer (first time ever for UGA and it was obvious to everyone in the stadium that this would not be a “kiss-your-sister game by going for a tie), the game was over since time ran out on the TD run.

    And some of you wonder where this “we can beat anyone who puts their pants on like we do” attitude came from. Right there on that play. And it should be the fodder we need for our cannons this year.

    Thanks, Senator.

    • shane#1

      Damn man, you were married in ’65? You are older than me! Take care brother, I don’t want to be the oldest Dude on this blog. My memory is still good so I remember the picture in the AJ of the fans meeting the plane on the return from Ann Arbor after that great victory. As for Alabama——, wait, what were we talking about?

      • Cojones

        And finished same year service active duty completion, got married and headed for Athens. Later, my first-born son was born in St Mary’s Hospital at a time when I worked there. Grew up in the country and came to view Athens as a home town (AHD just blew coffee all over his computer.)

        Will always remember the play because the “Today” show had Jack Lescouli as their Sports analyst and he cheered UGA every morning (or so it seemed) when he reran the “Fleaflicker” Play over and over; chortling in Bama’s demise.I will have aged beyond 73 yrs by the time we play FU this season. Watched some great UGA games and players during that time and remember well…..uh………uhhave we played Clemson yet?

    • Amen…Cojones!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Macallanlover

        It’s one thing to be age qualified to an Old fart, quite another to act that age, or even older. Being afraid to drive across the state line for one of the top rivalries in CFB…….. Old I say.

        • Macallanlover

          Oops, meant for the Mayor. Was going to say to Cojones though: smoking weed at your age? Do you wear your hair in a pony tail, ride a bus to 300 concert dates per year, and play a badass guitar? You da man!! Smoke ’em if you got ’em indeed.

          • Cojones

            Like the hair long (just for the two female hounds when we have choir practice and smoke a few), but the Amnesian makes me cut it or “she will”. Mowed the lawn today. Think I’ll go outside tomorrow. Just kidding. I take Viagra so as not to pee on my shoes.

            • shane#1

              You mow your own grass? Maybe grass is the wrong word. Maybe mow is the wrong word. Anyway, my hair is sorta long. My eldest daughter, the actor/singer/cocktail waitress/fashion designer/mall clerk, told me I looked like a zoned out college professor and asked when I was getting a haircut. I told her that I had seen this really cool Hispanic dude on “Cops” with a mullet and a ponytail. She said,” Great! Three years of design school and my Dad gets his fashion tips from “Cops!” Now I am getting into “Duck Dynasty”. The best thing about children is that when they get older you can really piss’em off!

              • Who is the oldest Mac? You or Cojones, cause I just cannot figure out which one of you is old enough for me. Picked up some medicinal weed last night. Thank you GOD. Heading to the Hospital. BD, Hope all is well with your daughter. Those who are prayer warriors….need you today.

              • Cojones

                shane, we need to get together over some good tequila and gossip our kids to oblivion. My boys call me on Mother’s Day: – because I was a great single parent for 9 years? – Nope.- it’s because they say, ” You’re the biggest “Mutha” we know.”. Where they get the insensitive humor from, I’ll never know. One (the Montana ferrier) called on Father’s Day to wish me a “Great Mother’s Day!”..

                Hope you drink because we have some schemin’ to do.