Focus, part two

It’s not going to be easy getting to Defcon 5 this week when your opponent is busting plays like this:

And you thought Georgia had special teams problems.


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  1. Tyler

    Need point of order, senator. Defcon 5 is the lowest level of alert.

    Sheldon: Defcon 5? Well, there’s no need to rush.

    Leonard: What?

    Sheldon: Defcon 5 means no danger. Defcon 1 is a crisis.

    Leonard: How can 5 not be worse than 1?

    It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldawg.

    Also I am bored at work


  2. Irwin R Fletcher

    The grey…sorry…smoke jerseys will fix that. The kicker was quoted as saying the sun reflecting off the horrible bright orange jersey is what distracted him.


  3. Joe Schmoe

    I was going to post this in response to your earlier post on the topic. I have had the UT game circled for a while as a big trap game for us. It would be very easy for us to have had all of our focus on the Sept gauntlet and have a let down game. While UT looks like a pretty terrible team, it would not be the first time we have laid an egg in Knoxville to a very inferior team.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Yessir, Joe…that’s what the hail I’m talkin about…


    • Russ

      Yep, we can’t let down. Tennessee somehow managed to score 31 points with derp like that. Just focus and we win big.


    • Joe Schmoe

      And it certainly doesn’t make me feel better that Gurley will likely be limited. This seems like the kind of game where, with the offense not clicking on all cylinders, we would will want to just pound them to dust with the running game.


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      SMOKE TRAP (TM)!!!!


    • Biggus Rickus

      Let’s remember that the 2004 and 2007 games that everyone remembers as Georgia losing to a vastly inferior Tennessee team involved Tennessee teams that went on to win the East. This Tennessee team is not that. It’s possible Georgia could lose to them, I guess, but it’s hard to imagine.


  4. RocketDawg

    Normally I would share your trepidation about going to Knoxville to face the Urnge especially the week after a big win. That being said there is literally no talent on that roster where in years past there has been talent that maybe wasn’t deployed properly and they managed to pull it together against us (Crompton anyone?). Not to mention that we are going up against a Jancek/Martinez defense, Murray may throw for 600yds this weekend. To be honest the Missouri game scares me more, they have a mobile QB who can also throw it pretty good and some tall receivers.


  5. I think he is actually right footed but wanted to make things interesting.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The kicker just kicked the big ball before the football. I’ve done the same in golf many times.


  7. D.N. Nation

    2004 and 2007 UT don’t really apply to this game. Those teams were OK-ish squads coming off of their worst performances of the season, who played well with their backs against the wall. Both those teams would drill ’13 UT.

    I think last year’s Kentucky derpfest is a more appropriate comparison. Especially if the defense decides to take the game off.


  8. I see us possibly coming out a bit flat but we pull away from TN in the end. The talent gap is just too great for them to be any real threat. They have ZERO playmakers.


    • Miguel

      The players told Butch Jones they needed a Smoke Out and ended up with these. Snoop Dog is going to be prowling the sidelines.


  9. HVL Dawg

    Mike Hamilton’s job is complete at UT. It was well worth the money we slipped him from our reserve fund.


  10. fetch

    Talk about leaving a team in shambles! Kiffykins and then the Dooley swept through that program like extiction level events.


  11. Tyler

    Point of order to my original point of order. It was supposed to read “Nerd” instead of “Need”. Damn you iphone

    I am also worthless at work today. End of the quarter and I just want to read and hear about the Dawgs.

    I wish all the national pundits had to answer for their predictions, and if they were wrong enough, be out of a job. We wouldn’t accept a weatherman being so wrong all the time, so I wish they didn’t get a free pass. Especially all the dolts at cbssports who all picked LSU


  12. JN

    I was the holder on my team from 8th grade through my senior year. Never had that happen…Always knew I was truly a D-1 athlete…


  13. Slaw Dawg

    Since it doesn’t look as if anyone’s going to offer me the So Cal job (no calls on that at all, strangely), I think I can take the time to help you out on this one. Ahem:

    – This will be our first road trip since the Clemson game, where our brand new, green as grass, big-eyed defense was over-awed by stands full of screaming, orange clad rednecks. Substitute “hillbillies” for rednecks, and you have the same thing with a few less teeth.
    – Because, yes, we’re playing IN KNOXVILLE, where Lame Kitten’s ’09 version of Vowels beat the living something or other out of us with another below par UT squad. Had to be their best performance of the year. They were pumped sky high, and will be this Saturday as well, you betcha.
    – Our star, stud running back is out, so it’s back to sending speedy guys between the tackles for 6 inches a pop–on a good play.
    – Here we are, luxuriating in a glorious defeat of an LSU team that, when last encountered, had whipped us for an SEC championship–just as in 2004. We all know what UT did to us the following week, right?
    – Because, after all, we know from years of experience that Mark Richt’s clubs generally play up or down to the level of their competitor.
    – Our special teams are likely to take that UT busted play as a challenge, as in “Oh you think that was stupid? Wait until you see this!”
    – This UT team seems little worse than last year’s, which scored a zillion points on us IN ATHENS.
    – And even a moderately intelligent OC can take a gander at one quarter of the LSU game and conclude “you know what, you can throw the football on those Georgia d’backs with impunity.” So there will be at least as much yardage and at least as many touchdowns scored against the Dawg D as last year.
    – Because they may have 3d and Willie to worry about, but we’ve got 3d and Lakatos, and that’s about 20 yards per pass play in their favor.
    – Do you remember Ole Miss 1976? I sure do! Spent the whole damn week celebrating an exhilarating shut out of Bama only to get whipped in Oxford.

    So, yeah, I’m worried sick about this whole encounter with them damned Orangemen, and I’m gonna start wringing my hands as soon as I can tear myself away from DVR’g the LSU game.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The 1976 UGA team. One of the best teams of the Dooley era and a potential national champion. That 21-0 win over Bama was one of the greatest victories in the history of Georgia football and then…. the very next game the Dawgs lost to a 5-6 Ole Miss squad. That kept the Dawgs from being undefeated in the regular season. It also kept them from actually playing for the MNC as even if they had beaten Pitt in the Sugar Bowl the pollsters would have awarded the title to another team because of that Ole Miss loss. Anybody who thinks we are home free to the SECCG just needs to look back at that game for a reality check.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Thank you good sir…I hope all the folks who are daydreaming about the national championship will read it over and over again.

        Personally, I think it was all Ray’s fault.


      • Slaw Dawg

        Mayor, we must have matriculated around the same time. The damn thing was, the Rebs had themselves already beaten ‘Bama earlier in ’76 and the Dawgs themselves in ’75, so the ’76 squad shouldn’t have been surprised.

        Otherwise, you’re right, that was a helluva good team in the heyday of the Junkyard Dawg Defense. Erk’s undersized Split 60 D hung goose eggs on Clemson, Bama, Aubie and Vandy that year (49-0 against the state of Alabama), tho their most famous moment may have the “4th and Dumb” stand against the Gators. And Goff and Robinson were a very effective QB tandem.


      • Dawg19

        In case anyone’s interested…


  14. MagnusDawgus

    I remember the 1976 Ole Miss team. They had also already beaten Alabama, so we are not talking about a bunch of chumps here. A better analogy would be going on the road to play a solid 9-3, 8-4 team, which Tennessee certainly is not.