Best one-line summary of where this Georgia team is at belongs to the head coach:

Richt said Sunday that Georgia doesn’t do well when it’s not focused on its opponent, no matter who it is.

“We’re not very good, in my opinion, unless we’re really locked in,” he said.


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11 responses to “Focus

  1. Dean

    Hopefully Richt will show the ’04 tape of UT game after a big win over LSU.


    • Chuck

      Or show some highlights from #11 Okla St vs. West Va. last weekend, the game WVU had NO CHANCE to win according to the experts, except…


  2. Joe

    young teams are susceptible to that as are senior laden teams that “expect” to simply roll their helmets on the field…and win.


  3. DawgPhan

    I know when you here this about your team it is a let down and you want something changed, but that sentiment is basically true about every person doing every job ever done.


  4. Connor

    Let’s hope it’s there this week. This has all the markings of a let down game. Ranked team coming off an emotional home win, going on the road to play a desperate, downtrodden opponent in their place. UT has nothing to lose while UGA is carrying in National Title hopes. It’s deja vu all over again.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Maybe Barbra can come in and give them a lecture on what rotten people the UT folks are.

    I heard, watching a highlight show on ESPN late Saturday night, that Mark Richt had “saved his job by beating LSU”…no shit, that’s what he said there.

    This, to me, is the real danger of TV to college football…too many games, too little intellect equals bullshit.

    I have a lifetime in the arena or sitting next to it, so when I read or hear a suspect comment I can apply the correct filter.
    But when Tony Barnhart (for instance) is co-star of a tv show about college football after spending a whole career mired in mediocrity as a sports writer of little note and mediocre skill…when Paul Finebaum…the Rush Limbaugh of college football, is given prominence by ESPN, and the list goes on and on…it is obvious there is too much air time available for too little quality commentary.

    Fox firing Craig James is pointed to as progress, yet have you tried to sit through any of their “sportscasts”… Hell, Craig James, jerk that he may very well be, is better than most of them.

    And that is the sad truth and the sad state of college football on TV…for every young intellect like Matt Stinchcomb, you have a Jesse Palmer who is battling Brent Musberger for the “Most Bullshit in a Four Quarter Period” award.

    Bitch about Verne’s man-crushes if you must, but at least he seems to know when to keep his mouth shut…

    Can you imagine Munson, up there in heaven, sitting in his metal-steel chair, cringing when a broke-down quarterback calls Damian Swann Damian Swain? On national TV, no less.

    For God’s sake can somebody explain to these boneheads that the secret to broadcasting is the same as the secret to playing quarterback? Work, homework, work.

    My God, Larry, do you have any idea how much we miss you?


    • AthensHomerDawg

      +1 that was a fun read. Reminded me of the sideline reporter interviewing CMR after a uSC game. David Pollack had stripped the qb in the end zone and scored six. Reporter referred to David as Polock. Coach Richt was none too please about that.


    • fuelk2

      I’ll point to the promotion of Finebaum to a person of focus for ESPN as the day ESPN publicly gave up on credibility in favor of generating interest. That guy is a genius but has made his bones as a professional troll while displaying no in-depth knowledge of the sport.


    • Sometimes, I just have to go get in the car and listen. It’s not Larry, but it is as close to him as I can get. Feel his presence when listening on the radio. Then, those bozos don’t get in my head from the TV.


  6. Gravidy

    “…too little intellect equals bullshit.” That statement is not limited to TV coverage of college football, Scorp. 😉