Checkgate and the NCAA

This would, hands down, be the cherry on top of the Checkgate sundae.

Besides having to report the matter because it’s a fraud, UGA was concerned with running into an NCAA compliance issue because players were receiving extra benefits.

If the NCAA sanctioned Georgia over this – and I’m not saying it will – but, damn.  Just, damn.

Although I have to admit I wouldn’t be totally shocked if it did.  The sad thing is that the athletic department actually had to worry about it.



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15 responses to “Checkgate and the NCAA

  1. Skeptic Dawg

    The good news is that no one was smoking weed! Does this mean all 4 will be dismissed from the team? Stealing from the University/AD seems like a big deal.


  2. Mr. Tu

    “The UGA athletics department detected the checks clearing twice and contacted the UGA police, Williamson said.”
    Note to Herbstreit and others of similar ilk, do you honestly believe every other NCAA member institution would have handled it this way?


  3. Rp

    If their drug tests from spring break come back positive, do the sentences run concurrently? That would be convenient.


  4. Anthony

    If they are guilty I hope they kick all four of them off the team. I’m really tired of these players that are more concerned with their comfort and their so called fun than they are with their teammates and championships. Underage drinking is one thing but, this is nothing more than common stealing. It is inexcusable and pathetic.


    • Jim

      I agree, Anthony. I’ve heard some call it childish behavior and “young guys not thinking before they act.” This goes beyond childish behavior and their very actions suggest they did think before they acted. I too am sick of this nonsense.


  5. DawgPhan

    To be honest, I think that CMR is going to have to change up his approach. Kicking kids off the team isnt a deterrent because they know that they will just end up in a starring role in another SEC teams championship season.

    please dont throw me in the briar patch.


    • Anthony

      I agree with you. They should not be allowed to transfer to any other FBS school. I believe the NCAA should make any one charged with a crime of this nature (anything above the normal alcohol offenses) ineligible to play at the FBS level. I think that would help. It would not stop it but it would slow it down.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    There is way too much we don’t know yet to make any judgements about what punishment should be doled out.

    If the speculation is correct, the defense just took on a different look.

    It is interesting how quick we are to judge with no real knowledge.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      I appreciate your restraint, but b/c of the frequency of the attempts and the fact that several guys were doing it, I don’t think the speculation is unwarranted.


  7. Bright Idea

    Only 4 guys? I hope others don’t turn up.


  8. Gray Dawg

    I agree Scorp! The poor lads probably did not fully understand the concept of mobile banking. They may have thought they had to register the checks with their mobile app by creating a deposit and then go cash the checks. Lemay was probably helping his friend by cashing his check for him. We certainly should not rush to judgment.

    In the truly unlikely event that they did know and understand what they were doing, they stole from UGA and should be dismissed from the team. If they go on to lead another team to a NC, so be it. I have tremendous tolerance and forgiveness for making youthful indiscretions, but stealing and fraud do not fall in that category, even if the amount does not constitute a felony.