“Their mugshots were not immediately available.”

If it’s spring break, it must be jail time.

Four University of Georgia football players were arrested Monday night and charged with misdemeanor theft by deception, according to Athens-Clarke County jail records

Within two hours, all four players were released on bond, booking records show. Details regarding what led to the arrests were not available late Monday. But UGA police Chief Jimmy Williamson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the alleged thefts involved the university’s athletic department.

Uriay LeMay, a wide receiver, was charged with four counts of theft by deception. His bond was set at $6,000, jail records show. Tray Matthews, a safety, was charged with three counts of theft by deception. His bond was set at $4,500.

Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoach, defensive linemen, were each charged with two counts of theft by deception. Bonds for both Taylor and DeLoach were set at $3,000.

There’s a part of me that won’t be surprised in the least if this turns out to be something really stupid in nature.  But there’s another part of me that’s pissed off because nobody seems to learn that stupid behavior has consequences, despite all the recent examples.

Mudcat’s car rides again.


UPDATE:  In case you were wondering

“Theft by deception” is explained thusly by the Georgia Code of Law:

(a) A person commits the offense of theft by deception when he obtains property by any deceitful means or artful practice with the intention of depriving the owner of the property.

(b) A person deceives if he intentionally:

– (1) Creates or confirms another’s impression of an existing fact or past event which is false and which the accused knows or believes to be false;

– (2) Fails to correct a false impression of an existing fact or past event which he has previously created or confirmed;

– (3) Prevents another from acquiring information pertinent to the disposition of the property involved;

– (4) Sells or otherwise transfers or encumbers property intentionally failing to disclose a substantial and valid known lien, adverse claim, or other legal impediment to the enjoyment of the property, whether such impediment is or is not a matter of official record; or

– (5) Promises performance of services which he does not intend to perform or knows will not be performed. Evidence of failure to perform standing alone shall not be sufficient to authorize a conviction under this subsection.


UPDATE #2:  Seth Emerson has the gory details.

The players are charged with what amounts to double-dipping: Each allegedly took normal stipend checks from UGA and deposited them via a mobile ap, and then also cashed them somewhere else, according to UGA chief of police Jimmy Williamson.

The UGA athletics department detected the checks clearing twice and contacted the UGA police, Williamson said.

Can you say fucking morons?  I thought you could.  Of course you’re going to get caught doing this and of course the athletic department is going to report it, if for no other reason than it has to assume you’re not a bunch of fucking morons and that somebody else stole your checks.

Jesus.  Maybe we shouldn’t blame Grantham entirely for last season’s communication difficulties, unless it’s his fault he didn’t realize how much he needed to dumb things down for some of his audience.


UPDATE #3:  There are days when I wonder if Richt thinks it’s even worth getting out of bed.


UPDATE #4:  And I didn’t think I could laugh about this yet.


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65 responses to ““Their mugshots were not immediately available.”

  1. IAmAGurleyMan

    The lunacy never ends.

  2. What fresh hell is this?

    I guess we had to trump Clemson…we only had one suspension to their four. Here’s to retaking the lead.🙂

  3. Lrgk9

    Bookgate like @ Bama apparently. So Herby might as well throw Saban in his typical shallow discernment pool. You certainly can’ ever accuse Herbstreit of thinking things through.

    We all know Lemay was raised to know better and with his brother’s issues should certainly know of the consequences.

    As my dad was ever fond of saying “you can’t change the laws of physics and human nature.” Alas these boys will have a tough road ahead to earn their pardons.

    Herby on the other hand, again demonstrates his predeliction to fire before aiming.

  4. And the post-spring break drug test results likely aren’t even in yet.

    Well, on the plus side, we can probably rest easy that everyone’s expectations for the D have been tempered. Gonna be real interesting to see what the accompanying punishments are. And I really hope Richt doesn’t go into his coy “you’ll find out at gametime of the first game” mode. Get it all out there, and move on.

  5. Northwoodsdawg

    Looks like UGA Police Chief Clancy Wiggum and his boys are at it again.

  6. Ben Over

    Each season it is the same old crap. It is really hard to continue to be a dawg fan. These thugs continue to disappoint!

    • “Thugs”? Please proceed, governor.

      • JAX

        Are you defending the actions? How is a thief different than a thug?

        Is “Ben Over” totally off-base for using the term “thug”?

        Remember o liberal one, white guys can be thugs too.

        • How is a thief different than a thug?

          I doubt there’s any explanation I could give you that would matter, Jax.

          And if you can’t tell from reading my fucking post about whether I’m defending their actions, I don’t know what to tell you there, either.

          Curious you bringing race into this, though. Seeing as I never mentioned it and all…

          • JAX

            You’re correct, there isn’t one. Sen. – look, given your brainpower there is no legit reason for you to deny the patterns here. I know you’re not defending their actions (pardon me), but I also know that there is nothing wrong for using a term that is completely and utterly appropriate. The JHC fart still lingers in the halls and then these idiots pull this? How could any reasonable individual expect any different reaction from the fanbase?

            I’m pissed, you’re pissed, we’re all pissed. And I think Herbstreit is spot on re Richt, btw.

            • I’ve been down this road before. The word “thug” implies the use of violence towards criminal ends. You got any proof of that here? No? Then choose another term.

              Labeling everyone the same lessens the impact of the word when it’s used appropriately. That’s all I’m saying here.

            • Friendly word of advice. Fans who have pissy fits on blogs often are stressed, get red in the face and cry at least three times a week over things that their sports heroes do. It’s important to remember these are college kids who play these sports. It might make you feel better if you lie down now and take a nap before resuming anymore blogging today. There. Now we can all be friends again.
              Go Dawgs!🙂

              • JAX

                Aside from your condescending comments, are you excusing their actions b/c they are “college kids who play these sports”? Are you holding them to a lower standard b/c they are athletes?

        • You seem to be struggling with your vocabulary this am. Your jorts might be too short or you just ain’t very cosmopolitan. No matter. I am not judgmental and am willing to lend my assistance
          thief -a person who steals another person’s property, esp. by stealth and without using force or violence.

          thuga violent person, esp. a criminal.

    • Wear orange if you’d like.

      Meanwhile, among other more refined and accomplished sports citizens:
      “Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Arrested-Irsay was arrested at 11:41 p.m. after being pulled over for driving at a slow rate of speed, stopping in the middle of the road and failing to signal a turn. After a search of his vehicle, police allegedly found multiple prescription drugs in pill bottles. Irsay allegedly failed several roadside field sobriety tests.”
      Vanderbilt University Defensive Line Coach Vavae Tata Pleads Guilty

      • JAX

        This is a complete chickenshit statement. Weak.

        • My point here that obviously didn’t resonate with you was that:
          Mr. Irsay is a grown man of 52. A respected and wealthy owner and CEO of a major NFL team. He is also guilty of a misdemeanor crime of DWI. Something that you would think he would be more responsible about. If he wants to get smashed a man of his means could certainly afford a driver and not put others at risk. What ever the football players did no lives were at risk. People do stupid say and do foolish things… take you posts for instance.😉 I don’t understand why you got such a bee in your bonnet. “If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool.”
          just sayin’

          • JAX

            AHD, “Ben” didn’t state it very eloquently, but you can’t make light of his or any other fans frustration. To just say “wear orange” is weak bud and it’s akin to saying “if you don’t like the way things are with these kids doing stupid things year after year after year then find another team.” As if it’s acceptable.

            • I think you might consider recalibrating your frustration meter or work on the tolerance level at least. GET in LINE for expressing frustration. First! up imho.
              The teammates. Yep those that did mat drills together and won and lost together get first dibbs on bitching. Ya think any of them feel the “it’s just so hard to be Dawg sometimes.” meme? I doubt it. Better not.
              Next Family. As in: what were you thinking son? OMG!
              Don’t you realize how many kids would give their left nut to be where you are? DON’T SCREW THIS UP!
              Coaches? Yeah I think they get to bitch. ” So tell me son… how did you think this would work? Really? We run a multi million dollar program here. That Mickey Mouse stuff don’t go round here.”
              Fans. Not again. Here and everywhere else if you look. Google Bama recent arrests… or pick a school.
              I’m not saying accept it or forgive and brush over it. I’m saying don’t not be a fan cause of some punk actions of a kid. I still think of that awkward video of the senior citizen burning his Georgia flag and renouncing his fan hood cause we lost a game. Geeze Louise! (h/t Bernie). That’s all I got.

              • JAX

                I hear you, but I still think it’s weak to tell someone to support an “orange” team just b/c they express frustration at a team or player. All Ben said was that sometimes it’s hard to be a Dawg fan. I find that especially true when we lose to Vandy when we have a two TD lead going into the 2nd half.

                Over and out.

                • Can Ben take care of himself? Now to be fair… I didn’t tell Ben I gave him an option. Alabama lost to the barners on a goofy kick and let Big Game Bob gain smack talk rights. ie. Saban “came up short”. Do you think any of the Bama crowd express doubts as to their fandom? That kinda talk in Bubber Land will have someone dragging their package over your forehead and upper lip my man. My option was calm by comparison. “This is Red Dawg Hound to Fair Weather Fan… come in Fair Weather Fan> the hen is in the house Fair Weather Fan and is about to be plucked I suggest you redefine you mission .” Over and Out.🙂

    • Whiskeydawg

      I beg to differ. These weren’t thugs. This was a financial crime involving no weapons or violence. This was white collar, not thuggish.

  7. TennesseeDawg

    They probably took a couple of UGA shirts to give to friends and now it’s an international incident. I’m surprised Williamson didn’t call in the GBI to help with the investigation.

    • DawgByte

      We can only hope. Nevertheless, all four will be suspended for the Clemson game and each one on D was an important contributor. This D can’t afford that type of attrition. Back in the old days, the head coach would allow the rest of the players to haze these clowns. Think Full Metal Jacket and the soap scene.

  8. old dawg

    why am I not surprised? I imagine Spurrier is grinning like a mule eating briars. Jeremy Pruitt is on the phone asking Jimbo if he can have his old job back. What a mess. In this new playoff era, just go ahead and put all football players on an annual $10000 stipend so they won’t have to steal as much. (knowing that $10000 might not be enough)

    disgustedly yours,
    old dawg

  9. TennesseeDawg

    We send kids to public schools and they obtain a HS diploma and have no idea how the world actually works. Very few public schools teach even basic finance so you have kids out there you actual think they can cash a check twice and no one will notice. Incredible.

    • I kinda think that is what parents are for.

      • MGW

        When you know 75-90% of the kids in the public schools in pretty much anywhere south of Alpharetta don’t have one or both parents around, and the one that is around if they’re so lucky is probably working at least two jobs…. shouldn’t you count on that in terms of what you’re teaching?

        • This is an emotional topic. I do what I think is best for my family. Teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, family values and birth control and finance almost seems a stairway too hard to climb. The school system becoming the de facto parent seems short sighted to me. Trying to be so many things leaves some things undone or half done.. Our children left the public school system after the 5th grade.

        • diving duck

          Lol South of Alpharetta = South Georgia slums

    • Spence

      When did public schools ever teach public finance?

  10. Bulldog Joe

    $71.50. Another win for The Reserve®.

  11. Jon Fabris would say that we’re looking for a challenge to beat Clemson with both of starting safeties from last year not available for various reasons. I think Pruitt needs to tell Tramel Terry to expect to play and likely start against Clemson at free safety. Get your nose in the playbook, son.

  12. Gotta think LeMay is gone, no questions asked. The fact that he essentially stole from his teammate AND the athletic dept.

    For the others, I’m thinking unfortunately, at least a 2 game suspension. Would be very surprised at anything less. And all 3 will be on an incredibly short leash. I wouldn’t so much as show up as late to a meeting if I were any of them going forward.

    Sweet mercy, the stupidity of the crime is way more embarrassing than the arrests themselves.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    I don’t excuse the boneheads, er players. However this guy is getting out of hand.

  14. I Wanna Red Cup

    Suspensions for misdemeanors? How many of us have committed misdemeanors? Anyone out there got cable TV or HBO without paying for it when he should? How about fail to return proper change to a cashier when you knew he/she made a mistake. These are stupid kids, no doubt. Lets not hang them. This does not make them thugs. If they had never done anything like this before, pay it back, do community service and probation.

    • LeMay will be lucky to escape with a suspension. Stealing from a teammate gets you kicked out at Georgia.

    • godawg

      Good Lord in Heaven, how stupid can you make this kids? How can they even begin to think they can cash a check, (that has their name on it) TWICE and NOT get caught?

      At least when you hijacked HBO you stood a pretty good chance of not getting caught. This was not thuggery so I don’t advocate hanging them but this is beyond a stupid mistake.

      It was wrong and they knew it was wrong when they did it and most any moron would know they would get caught, but they did it anyway for 70 bucks and change. If they didn’t know this then they are obviously too dumb to learn plays and be dependable teammates much less be awarded a degree. Just send them home….

      • I agree. And as the fine Senator so eloquently stated … Can you say fucking morons? Of course you’re going to get caught. As some of the previous posters have mentioned … what are parents and/or the public schools teaching (or not teaching) these days? I, for one, agree that schools should be teaching a basic personal finance course in high school. They didn’t have that back in my day, but I was lucky enough to take Accounting in high school. Not to say that I have made all “good” decisions in my life.

    • Jman781

      Ah, the ol’ “everybody else is doing it” excuse.

      I hate this argument. There mere fact a lot of people do something, doesn’t make it wrong or right. It’s wrong, no matter how many other folks also do the same wrong thing.

      I’m not perfect, but I can acknowledge that my illicit behavior is still illicit, even if I don’t personally believe said behavior is inherently wrong. For example, I know that when I’m speeding I’m breaking the law. If a cop were to pull me over, the excuse that other folks also speed and break the law is a weak argument. Who cares?

  15. The exaggerating circumstance here is the NCAA’s stance on lack of institutional control since the checks were from the athletic association. If the athletic association doesn’t come down hard on the players, the NCAA may assert impermissible benefits and then try to tack on institutional control.

    I don’t think that the AA can turn a blind eye to this or discipline internally.

  16. McTyre

    Fraud is fraud … and all four should be expelled. Misdemeanor or felony – this was no dumb college hi-jinks like suspended license, underage possession, smelled like pot, scooter without a helmet, etc.

  17. AlphaDawg

    4 possible suspensions and the drug tests arent even back yet? This could get ugly we might be down half a dozen or more for Clemson and USC.

  18. sUGArdaddy

    Color me less worried. I doubt they’ll all be suspended, nor should they be. Gracious, these people thinking they should be suspended 4 games. They were being stupid and didn’t think anyone would notice. There’s no malice here. What I can’t figure out is why we had to call the cops and didn’t just confront the young men about it. I honestly don’t know what we’re trying to do as an athletic department, and I’m starting to believe the idea that it won’t get fixed until the name Jan Kemp falls on deaf ears.

  19. Smitty

    The Lemay Brothers really panned out didn’t they?…….

  20. Heathbar09

    Friend sent this to me. Might be the best interpretation of what happened.

  21. Pat Flanagan

    Why wouldn’t the university just direct deposit the damn checks? I’ll go out on a limb here, if they used those mobile apps it takes 3-5 days for them to clear. An 18 year old dumbass probably got impatient and went and cashed them thinking if it were cashed it wouldn’t go through on their mobile app.

  22. Normaltown Mike

    I’ve always somewhat like Herbie. But the inability to connect the dots on this is stunning. The reason it happens at Georgia & not at The OSU is that UGA reports & polices to a much higher standard. We know for a fact that Tress lied to covr up for players. The AD @ Bama would not in a million years swear out a warrant against Saban’s players.

    And his snide retort only confirms what an empty suit he is.

  23. When I see Jimmy Williamson commenting publicly about compliance issues, I get very nervous.