The opposite of the Johnson Doctrine is…

Straight from the lips of the latest commitment to Georgia’s class of 2015, DT Justin Young of Grayson:

“Georgia coaches wanted me to go around and look at another schools before I committed,” Young said. “That was another reason why I liked Georgia. They gave me the opportunity to go see other colleges. Some of these schools, they’ll take their offer away if you look around anywhere. I was like ‘Wow. Georgia might be the one.’ And that’s probably why I made the commitment today.”

For a kid with options, rocket science it ain’t.


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5 responses to “The opposite of the Johnson Doctrine is…

  1. gastr1

    Wait, you mean people don’t like autocratic dictums and vindictive, punishment-like reactions? Who knew?


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Forget the trips. Hit the books Justin, so you can start school in January.


  3. charlottedawg

    I love to rag on tech as much as the next guy but Johnson only threatens to yank offers if the recruit shops around after he’s committed. In this case Georgia hasn’t done anything tech wouldn’t do. Although I’m sure Georgia coaches would never “threaten” a commit if said commit made another visit because that’s really stupid.


  4. Cojones

    Homegrown attitude to go with it. It’s great to have the love from Pee-W@ee ball to graduation. It’s the ingrown loyalty that results in players developing their leadership role in keeping with the greatest Dawg traditions. With brains, heart and muscle already stamped with a “G” we may hear more of Justin that extends beyond the football field after he gets here.

    How many of you were this pumped and articulate concerning your University prior to entry?

    “…rocket science…….” , indeed.