Jeff Long, man of action

I don’t know if anyone caught Brett McMurphy’s Twitter feed yesterday, but… well, start here.

Long talked a good game.

Then comes the punchline.

That’s from the man charged with making the playoff selection committee’s deliberations transparent.  Good luck with that, y’all.



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6 responses to “Jeff Long, man of action

  1. Russ

    Long can always point to Mike Hamilton and that douchebag at Texas as worse ADs. But that’s sort of like being the tallest midget.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Jeff Long* admits he didn’t notify Selection Committee** on Final Four vote in December 2014: “Condi told me she would notify the Selection Committee. I took easy way out. It was a mistake. #karma #integrity.”

    *Jeff Long
    Shafted Barry.

    **Barry Alvarez
    Shafted by Jeff.

    Lt. Gen. Michael Gould
    Gould is the recently retired Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy. He is a 1976 academy graduate and former Falcons football player as well as a command pilot with more than 3,100 flight hours. He is 60. He is a bad-ass.

    Pat Haden
    Kept Lane off the bus.

    Tom Jernstedt
    Knows how to run a big-ass tournament. Jernstedt spent 38 years with the NCAA beginning in 1972, rising to the title of Executive Vice President and most notably overseeing the men’s basketball Final Four and working with the men’s basketball tournament selection committee. An Oregon native and former University of Oregon athlete, the 68-year-old Jernstedt is a past president of USA Basketball and member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Oliver Luck
    The quarterback’s daddy. Should have had Texas AD job but Patterson told them that their Luck had run out #joker.

    Archie Manning
    The other quarterbacks’ daddy.

    Tom Osborne
    Stomped Florida.

    Dan Radakovich
    Fled Tech.

    Rice, 58, served as the United States’ National Security Advisor from 2001-05 and Secretary of State from 2005-09. A native of Birmingham, Ala., she holds degrees from the University of Denver and Notre Dame, and is a professor of political science at Stanford, where she has been on faculty at Stanford since 1981. Likes: Control. Golfing with Muffin McGraw. Dislikes: Everything else.

    Mike Tranghese
    ex-Big East basketball conference guy who at least created something.

    Steve Wieberg
    A 59-year-old Missouri resident, Wieberg was a college sports reporter and original member of the USA TODAY staff from 1982 to 2012. Bark Madly expected to be named as his successor in 2024.

    Tyrone Willingham
    ex-Stanford/ex-Notre Dame


  3. Spike

    I officially nominate him for the douche off contest.


  4. uglydawg

    and some think a strictly computerized selection process would be flawed


  5. Dog in Fla

    Speaking of flawed process, I left out another of Ty’s qualifications. Some think it is perhaps his best one.

    In 2008, he and Mark Emmert combined on and completed an awesome journey in which Ty became ex-Washington:

    “Willingham’s stiff demeanor resulted in a somewhat acrimonious relationship with fans, boosters, and the Seattle media. The turning point came at the end of his third (losing) season when there was a big question as to whether he would be retained. However President Emmert gave him a vote of confidence and he was retained for a fourth year. The fans were hugely divided, with some calling for his firing….

    At 0–11, Washington was the only winless team in the FBS, and the owner of a 13-game losing streak stretching from the last season. Washington closed out the season with a loss at Washington State in double-overtime, making it four of the last five, and with a season ending loss at California. Willingham finished the season with an 0–12* record, the Huskies’ first winless season in 119 years. His .229 winning percentage is the worst in school history.”

    *Ellis Johnson expected to be named as his successor in 2028


  6. CannonDawg

    “Coach told me he would notify AD. I took easy way out. It was a mistake”

    The easy way out? For a process as “routine” as hiring a head football coach at an SEC school? Yeah, calling it a mistake would be accurate. If Long ever wants to be with like-minded people taking the easy way out as a matter of course, he should pack up and leave for Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C. The pig calls might not quite fit, but the rest would.