That kind of year

Georgia places three kids on Chris Low’s list of ten impact newcomers in the SEC East this season, the most of any team in the division.  And that doesn’t include my choice for that honor.


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7 responses to “That kind of year

  1. We need to step up along the OL. The secondary needs to be cobbled together and in a hurry. And please can we have a special teams that is finally special!

  2. Spike

    Word on the street is Isiah will be the starting punt returner.

  3. Blazevich is all the rage, and I’m glad we’ve got him. Not sure how much he’s going to help us right away, though. I doubt he’s ready to block and don’t think he can be just a receiver.

    Been looking forward to seeing what Fenteng can do, as either a big corner or safety. Personally, I’d love a FS with that twitchy corner speed. But he also has to have everything else to play back there.

    • Macallanlover

      A lot of how we fare could hang on Fenteng’s development. Like Bama’s dependency on a QB that isn’t on campus yet, we need him to be all we have heard, and more, and to hit the ground running. We all know what we have at other positions but this is our true wild card.

  4. Mayor

    Isiah McKenzie……Will they let him return punts or will they tell him to fair catch? That’s the question.

    • He’ll return them. Once he proves they can trust him with the ball and see his presence and sense of what’s going on around him.

      Could be wrong, but it shows on his film. He’s very good, VERY good, in a crowd. Best I’ve seen since Damien Gary.