A follow up thought on the Pruitt deal

As Weiszer noted,

The Pruitt raise is an indication that Georgia is willing to pay assistants who may be pursued for other jobs. More assistants could be getting raises and Richt seems almost certain to get one as well considering he’s now towards the back of the pack among SEC coaches in annual compensation after several got pay increases.

All true, but here’s what’s noteworthy.

There are expected to be more raises coming for Richt’s assistants, according to a source. It was not specified why Pruitt’s was announced right away, but with other schools (including LSU) currently looking for a defensive coordinator, the move should stave off any possible interest in hiring Pruitt away from UGA.

That, friends, is what proactive smells like.  Given B-M’s historic pace in matters like this, somebody’s come around.  That’s a most welcome development. Whoever you are, Greg McGarity or McGarity’s enabler, well played, boss.


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18 responses to “A follow up thought on the Pruitt deal

  1. Cojones

    I’m sure there has been an Agent’s land rush to secure some of the underpaidlings a better future quickly. In this cannibalistic environment, the work comes faster than signing memorabilia.


  2. PansyTheDawg

    With all this support, McGarity will have an easier time explaining why any failures or missed goals from here on out aren’t his fault. That’s cynical of course, but I would definitely bet that’s part of what’s happening.


  3. Mark

    Not sure it was proactive. Pruitt was already being pursued by a major school according to Dawgs247.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I must miss a lot way out here near Charleston, but I can’t understand what all the scuttlebutt is.

    McGarity has had three big football coach decisions so far, and he seems to have gotten all three right.

    1. Whether to try and keep Todd Grantham; he got that one right.
    2. Whether to try and keep Mike Bobo, or at least publicize the attempt; he got that one right. I may get an argument, but unless Bobo indicated he’d stay for 1.3 million, McGarity was right not to publicly try. It’s showing your cards, and if I’m Mike Bobo I’d rather be a head coach for the same money.

    3. Quickly giving Pruitt a big raise. Looks right now that dominos are setting up on the defensive side.

    I beg to differ with all the complaints of parsimony directed McGarity’s way. I don’t see where we have been in the market at a particular time where we lost someone to stinginess.


    • JT

      If you knew what I knew which I will not divulge, you would understand. Suffice to say AD GM hand was forced. A number of factors behind the scenes forced it. Had it not happened…good chance this doesn’t happen and we perhaps lose more coaches…


      • Pantslesspatdye

        I don’t doubt what you are saying nor your honesty, but when I was in the CIA…


      • I claim no inside knowledge, but the fact that Pruit’s raise was announced before Richt’s and the assistant coaches has all the earmarks of a AD’s hand being forced. Market forces are already shoving him around and he looks like he is getting off his ass and taking the helm. GM doesn’t have the luxury anymore of end of year evaluations and casual chats with reporters. The Market is evaluating constantly and this ain’t your daddy’s AD job anymore.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        You know shit, but you won’t talk about it, except that you will post on a very popular UGA blog that you know shit but you won’t talk about it.

        What, you just had to raise your hand so whoever sees your real name will know that you know shit but you can’t talk about it?


        • Mayor

          I don’t know any inside shit. Some may say I don’t know shit period–but I digress. It does appear to me at least that the hand of Jere Morehead is involve in this. If such is the case that bodes well for the future of football at UGA, IMHO.


          • Scorpio Jones, III

            I don’t know any inside shit, or outside shit, for that matter either. I used to know some people who knew some shit, but they mostly are gathered around that great fire hydrant in the sky.

            When somebody posts that they know shit, but can’t tell us the shit they know, but want to kinda sorta hint that the shit they know involves these things, it makes me itch. Whats the point of the post? Kind of a shitty deal, by YMMV. 🙂


    • Ant123

      Bobo could have been had for 1.3 million. Probably a little less. I think the McGarity criticism is very fair. More so even, with the way he “acted” surprised that an indoor practice facility was a front burner issue. That was one of the top things being pursued when he arrived. It was very disingenuous to act surprised.


  5. ChilliDawg

    Could we have a case of “Good Greg” / “Evil Greg?”


  6. VoxDawg

    Don’t care how it happened, who made it happen, or how willingly ADGM went along with this, so long as it happens.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Not sure $1.3 mil is enough for Pruitt considering what boom and chavis got. I say do whatever it takes to keep Pruitt – he’s quickly become the backbone of our program.

    Rocker is also a great example of a smart hire (although I also liked his predecessor Wilson). Need to go out and get an experienced/proven OL coach, in the mold of DL coach Rocker. We don’t need washed up callaway or trainee inman. Same goes for the QB and/or OC hire – do the damn homework and due diligence. Get somebody worth having!


  8. Argondawg

    The whole Pruitt raise just showed us what we already knew. That there was a level of animosity behind the curtain that was getting dangerously close to spilling out into the papers. Pruitt going on the offensive about the IPF was his morse code to the other ships that this buttoned down vessel was about to blow. When a guy who almost never speaks to the media makes a direct point about getting an IPF people listen. There is no BS to Pruitt. The truth is that if I am McGarity I bring Richt and Pruitt into my office and say “what’s it gonna take to win a championship”? I’d probably listen more closely to Pruitt than Richt since he has 3 rings from the last 3 years.


  9. Lrgk9

    If I’m McGarity – I pick up the phone and hire Jackson-Spalding.


  10. Jackson-Spalding…..The Creme De La Creme ☺️


  11. Macallanlover

    I don’t think there was anything proactive about the Pruitt raise, mcgarity was forced to make the move and I doubt he had any say in it. Kind of wish he had taken a stance against it and forced to hit the road but at least it got done. I hope we assured the position coaches that raises are coming for them, even if not specified yet. Pruitt is good but I don’t want to start over on rebuilding a staff as recruiting season is coming down to the final weeks.

    The remarkable whiff of his AJC interview, and the dragging of his feet to get things done before we reach a crisis is still enough to say he is over his head as an AD of a major program. Fortunately, it looks like smarter people stepped in to save things before they crumbled. There are too many people on this plane to have an incompetent pilot in the seat, someone needs to sit next to him and have access to the controls.

    Things should never had gotten to the point they did, and to misspeak so badly in a public interview at a crucial time of the year is major fail. Hopefully the lessons will have been learned and there will be no more damage, but better oversight is required based on the past few weeks with this AD, and the lack of forward thinking earlier in his tenure. Let’s survive this and move forward with unity.