The defensive housecleaning at Auburn keeps apace, as Charlie Harbison is let go.  It’s amazing how much money Auburn keeps pouring into coach compensation; aside from what the new guys are being paid, Harbison is owed a whopping $1,187,500 through June 2017 if he does not find work to offset his buyout.

It’s not a complete wipeout, though.  Boom doesn’t get to work with a totally clean slate.  Guess who’s staying for dinner?

Defensive line coach Rodney Garner is the only remaining member of the defensive coaching staff from the past two seasons.

Garner is on his eighth defensive coordinator change since Donnan hired him.  I think.  I may have lost count.

The man must have the greatest photography collection in America is all I can figure.  It’s impressive.


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21 responses to “Survivor

  1. Castleberry

    I’m guessing Mr. Newton, Chiz, and the bagman. But I’m not sure who would be with Michael Adams…


  2. Athens Dog

    There are so many comments to make here……………….better to leave it alone.


  3. @gatriguy

    It’s crazy. It’s almost like being the recruiting coordinator gives you extra leverage because you where all the bodies are buried. It allows you to never get fired, create friction within a staff, and be a half assed position coach for damn near 15 years with no chance of being fired.


  4. I hope Garner stays on the Plains forever, so Georgia tailbacks can combine for an average of 280 yards per game while he keeps his 1st team in until they can’t play any more.


  5. Joe Schmoe

    Soo glad garner is auburns problem. Question: you think Pruitt comes to Athens if accepting Garner is part of the deal?


  6. Long live the bagman. CRG is really a good guy, you know?


    • Poor Elliot

      Yeah we know Robin. Everyone UGA fans have a problem with are all good guys according to you. He was a damn program cancer and it was good riddance.


      • No one cares how you feel about me and my opinions. Again, speak for yourself. I speak of people that I have personally met and some are family friends. Just guessing…but I would bet the farm that you have NEVAH been invited to a private event where any of the people I know and “take Up for” have attended. You low life loser. Y


  7. Uglydawg

    I want a money tree like they have on the plains. It’s branches hang over into Georgia and bear fruit in places like Newnan,
    LOL at the “Guess who’s staying for dinner” line!
    My guess is RG will be given a “desk job” though keeping his title and a harmless portion of is responsibilites.


  8. Ben

    I don’t know if I mentioned it here before, but an Auburn friend of mine didn’t take too kindly to pointing out that their problems stopping the run stemmed from hiring Rodney Garner away from UGA, a move they thought was going to bring balance to the force. I told him that the reason Bama beat us in 2012 is because Garner’s guys couldn’t stop the run, and he just kind of glared at me.

    As everyone else has said already, I’m glad he’s not our guy anymore.


    • ClydeBoogie

      It was bad enough that they ran slap over us, what was unbearable was when our biggest…..buttermilk…….biscuit….eating defensive lineman skips his happy ass up a Tide lineman. Bragging about how bama’s linemen used his own weight against him. I thought to myself that’s real nice of him the tide just ran for a thousand yards on you and all you can do is give the a compliment. Sheeesh!


  9. Bulldawg165

    So with all of these comments about Garner being the “bagman,” are we conceding that UGA paid football players and recruits under the table during his time here? Just curious.


    • Trooper's neighbor

      Not necessarily at all, but guys like Rodney and Trooper are HAPPIEST in the mud. Places like UT and AU and SMU etc. allow them to thrive best.


      • Bulldawg165

        So you think Garner magically decided to be a bag man in his mid-forties after leading a life of integrity up to that point? LOL.

        If Garner is paying people at Auburn, he was paying people at UGA. Just accept it and move on folks.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    When Garner burrows in he’s tougher to dislodge than the NVA! I still can’t believe CMR kept him around so long.