They all look the same dressed in crimson.

You know how it goes – one minute you’re all hot and heavy, in pursuit of Kirby Smart, and the next you wind up with Kevin Steele as your new defensive coordinator.

Wait, what?  Les Miles goes from John Chavis to the guy whose last bit of work as a defensive coordinator was… er, this?  Feinting at Smart and winding up with Steele is the hiring equivalent of one of Miles’ patented fake field goal calls.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they blow up in his face.  That being said, it’s only fair to note that Saban obviously likes having Steele on his staff, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Perhaps the biggest thing in Steele’s favor is that he is one of the best recruiters in the country.  He was extremely well paid at Alabama as a position coach because of his value on the recruiting trail.  Saban is going to have to make some short-term adjustments in the wake of his departure a month before signing day.  Speaking selfishly, anything bad for Alabama in that regard can’t hurt in Athens. (Rico McGraw, maybe?)

But it’s not like LSU needs a whole lot of shoring up on the recruiting front, anyway.  And as for the rest of what Steele brings to Baton Rouge, as Billy at As The Valley Shook puts it, “I suspect his hire will go over like a fart in church.”  It’s certainly going to draw a fair amount of skepticism.  Cam Cameron had better step his game up in 2015, just in case.


UPDATE:  If this report (“Per multiple sources, Ed Orgeron is expected to accept a position on LSU’s staff later today.”) is true, then the Hat is all in on the recruiting front.  Should be entertaining to see the Cajun edition of Wild Boys.


UPDATE #2:  It’s a thing.



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16 responses to “They all look the same dressed in crimson.

  1. Argondawg

    This could be the equivalent of Donnan’s Kevin Ramsey hire. The beginning of the end.


  2. Spike

    Saban is losing some staff members to be sure. Does he have time for this shit?


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    And Steele may be at LSU recruiting against Alabama, but he will still be recruiting against Alabama. He might win a battle or two, but history says he will lose the war.


  4. That update re: Da Coach-O is pretty interesting. Wonder if they will essentially be Co-DC’s, in reality if not in name? Wouldn’t be surprised if O gets a title something like “Associate Head Coach – Defense”.


  5. Russ

    If you think Richt gets no respect here, you should hear my LSU friends talk about Miles. I have to think Miles has zero room for error with this hire.


    • Dawgfan Will

      And if Miles were actually fired, the same question would have to be asked: who are you going to get that’s better? I think it would be unwise to fire Richt, but I think it would be absolutely ludicrous to fire Miles.


  6. Russ

    I hope Coach O gets some time behind the microphone. He’s gold!


  7. Rebar

    I’ve been wondering where Coach O has been and why he hasn’t been mentioned for coaching vacancies?


  8. 69Dawg

    LSU is the King of Comedy in the SEC. Does this not seem to be the greatest shit storm in the making in the long and storied history of the SEC. The recruiting violations will spin like the price gage on $3.00 a gallon gas.
    I for one welcome the Crazy Cajun back home to the SEC.


  9. Cosmic Dawg

    Orgeron is kind of a walking onomatopoeia – his name sounds like the sounds he makes when he talks.