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Living on borrowed time

I know I should post something about the annual grumbling March Madness selection spawns and how that should be a lesson to those who think the only thing keeping college football from true greatness is a bigger postseason field, but either I’m too jaded by it or too resigned to CFP’s ultimate fate to give a shit.



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About damned time

Georgia’s first spring practice under Kirby Smart kicks off tomorrow afternoon – at a temporary site, which is kind of a reminder of things to come.

In that light, what, if anything are you hoping to hear about the Dawgs this week?

A few things on my list:

  • Jacob Eason’s ability to function under center.  It’s a new world for him there, one he’ll have to get the hang of if he expects to take the starting job.
  • Which offensive linemen meet Coach Pittman’s eye test?  I don’t expect anything near a rotation to emerge in the spring.  (For one thing, Tyler Catalina, who’s being counted on, won’t show up until the summer.)  But I will be curious to hear which linemen are being viewed as potential contributors by their new position coach.
  • Who steps up on the defensive line?  Gawd knows there’s opportunity there.
  • Any word on the strength and conditioning front?  It seems to be a question we have every year, but with a total break from the previous S&C staff, it’s of even greater interest.
  • What’s gonna replace pool day?  I keed, I keed.

And you?


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