Those decided schematic advantages aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.

Agent Muschamp now seems to admit the possibility exists that hiring Charlie Weis to be his first offensive coordinator at Florida may not have been such a hot move.

Will Muschamp, South Carolina’s new coach, says he made a mistake as a rookie coach at Florida when he tried to completely change the Gators’ offense. You’ll recall that Muschamp hired Charlie Weis as his offensive coordinator in 2011 and tried to install a pro-style offensive attack. Florida had won two national championships under Urban Meyer (2006, ’08) using a spread attack that relied heavily on the read option.

Muschamp went through three coordinators in four years as the Gators got into an offensive hole and never could get out.

“I probably made a mistake at Florida trying to change schematically from what they had done before,” Muschamp told me on a recent visit to his office. “As a result, we ended up not being very good at anything. These days you just don’t have time to make a lot of changes. You have to adapt to what your kids can do.”

Well, either that, or you just get rid of your kids.

This is one second act I’m really looking forward to watching.



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13 responses to “Those decided schematic advantages aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.

  1. 81Dog

    He’s going to have some problems at South Carolina, then, because clearly, his new kids showed all last year the only thing they can do well is get their asses kicked.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    I just don’t see things going well for Boom over there, and even today he’s probably yearning for those days at UF when he had a talented roster, massive inherent advantages for sustaining a winning program, and all the rest. He has none of those at SCU, as the cupboard is bare and, to make matters worse, his initial ’16 class was a rather poor one, with only 1-2 players ranked in the top 300 nationwide. On top of that he’s losing current players left and right, including one of their more talented, up and coming D players on the roster.

    It’s going to take him 2-3 years just to rebuild a respectable roster alone, and by that point his act probably will have worn thin over there. As others have said before, if he struggled to win at Florida, imagine what his upcoming record might look like at SCU. Yet, both the SCU president and AD (Tanner) are proudly predicting upcoming championships, with Tanner alone saying things like “Muschamp contains ‘USC’ and ‘champ’—if that isn’t an omen, I don’t know what is.”

    Unfortunately, ‘Muschamp’ also contains letters that spell ‘chump,’ which it what both of them are for buying into Boom’s shtick.


  3. DC Weez

    It still blows my mind that Boom changed an offense at UF that had devastated opponents for years.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Seems like I remember a heralded DC from Georgia that took a HC position at a dif school and decided he’d change that Offense up. He didn’t last as long as Chomp did.


  4. DavetheDawg

    Agent Muschamp better hope he and his new staff can exhibit a modicum of coaching (and recruiting) ability because he ain’t walking into a locker room full of talent like he did at UF. I wish him no luck whatsoever.


  5. Boom’s head may truly explode this season with the incredibly empty cupboard SOS left in Columbia. Regardless, we’ll get their best shot at the Dead Cockroach …


  6. ApalachDawg

    RE: changing an offense
    Which hopefully keep the nerds in check for a decade or so with that Mickey Mouse offense


  7. Spike

    The Cocks and that asshole deserve each other.