“… if it will work he will run it.”

Sigh.  Me want that kind of attitude.


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15 responses to ““… if it will work he will run it.”

  1. DawgDaddy

    Everything sounds good to us this year…I miss Mike Bobo.


  2. Russ

    Kirby will tell us what works.


  3. MGW

    There are the guys who can make something out of nothing, and they’re great coaches, but they tend to also be the guys who have trouble recruiting.

    We went with the other end of the spectrum: the guys who out recruit you then they can run whatever they want because they’ve got better players all over the field. We’ll see how it turns out.


  4. adam

    Longo only makes $175k. We could easily get him to Athens.

    But I thought we would hire Tyson Helton or Chip Lindsey last year. Instead, we’re running an offense than depends on elite OL play with a small, crappy OL that constantly makes mistakes.


    • Jared S.

      I’d bite on Longo for OC, for sure. Except (oh wait!) Eason would most likely transfer, as he wants a pro-style system to work in before moving on to the pros. But, if that’s a risk we’re willing to take, then sure!

      Seriously, I’m up for taking a gamble on someone like this. Because it probably can’t be any worse than what OC Chaney is mapping out for us.


      • DawgPhan

        I love that we are already back to the old tried and true “if we change coaches player “X” will leave/decommit.”

        that’s not a reason to keep someone.


      • adam

        I think one of the reasons to hire Helton (or throw enough money at Jeff Brohm to get him to come from WKU to be OC) was that he ran a spread offense within a pro-style scheme. That Bobby Petrino offensive scheme is really good stuff. At WKU, they get under center a lot, they use the I, they use the TEs, etc. But they also go wide open when they need to (which is more often than not because of their personnel deficiencies).


      • Mayor

        Jared, IMHO it likely is better than a 50% chance that Eason is gone after this season anyway. He is getting no meaningful coaching by this staff and he gets beaten to hell and back every game. Plus, there is no sign that the O-Line play is going to get better next year and the 2 best running backs we have will be gone.


  5. Macallanlover

    Isn’t that “wide openness” and creativity what makes the best OC? I realize to be complete their is the teaching aspect of the position and ability to communicate, but every staff should have someone who is able to have options for anything they face. With the huge variety of new wrinkles I see weekly across the country it pains me to see us only have 2 decade old approaches. Don’t you know other teams’ DCs love to see us on the schedule? It is almost like a week off during the season.


  6. Mr. Tu

    “Like Leach, Longo doesn’t have a big, ever-expanding list of plays. There are only 26 plays in the Bearkats’ offense. Longo used to have over 100 and he wanted to run it all, but “you just can’t coach and excel at that many things.”
    I like this. I wonder how many plays are in Chaney’s playbook?