Offensive coordinator discovers other coaches coach

There are times when Smart’s policy, learned at Saban’s knee, of not letting the coaching staff meet with the press during the season is frustrating.  Then there are occasions when you sit back and think it’s not such a bad idea.

It’s also safe the credit the Gamecocks for looking differently than they previously had on film, Vols offensive coordinator Mike DeBord said.

“South Carolina was trying to take away the long ball,” DeBord told members of the Knoxville Quarterback Club at Calhoun’s on the River on Monday. “They didn’t want to give up big plays and they didn’t. The other thing is what we see every week, and it’s been interesting, but what we’re seeing on film throughout the week, teams are changing it up. What you practice against is not always what you see in the game. That’s having to adjust with our players and things like that.”

Damn, son.  I don’t think I would’ve said that.


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6 responses to “Offensive coordinator discovers other coaches coach

  1. Russ

    What is this in game adjustment you speak of? I thought each team had to submit their game plan in a sealed Mason jar before the game and were prohibited from changes during the game. I mean, how else to explain what we’re seeing?


    • Macallanlover

      The work “clueless” comes to mind to answer your question. It was the second half of the Nicholls game that first sent alarm bells about how weak we really were as a team. You can be flat in the 1st half, complacent, unmotivated, what ever term you wish, but if you don’t snap to in the 2nd half there are deeper issues….and they aren’t all talent. I didn’t finally give up on Chaney and this staff until the Florida game when they had 7 games of film and two full weeks to make come changes….and they whiffed. Tells me, they have no answers.


      • dawgman3000

        They do have an answer, it’s called recruiting.


        • Russ2

          Recruiting well will help , but if I were an offensive recruit and saw what dumbass offensive game planning and adjusting UGA has exhibited I might choose to score touchdowns elsewhere. Too many Kristy crèmes being consumed maybe during the game.


        • Dawgy

          So, you believe Nicholls State, Vandy, and Missouri have out recruited Ga.? Brilliant!


    • Dog in Fla

      During pre-game warmups, envelopes for half-time adjustments were hermetically sealed and put inside a Mason jar hidden in piles of shoulders pads and strapped on shoes somewhere between the coordinators’ lockers. No one knows the contents of these envelopes but playcalling expert fans who in our mystical and borderline way will ascertain why no playcalling adjustments, if any, would ever work.