“And then things have gone downhill. It’s disappointing.”

I never thought I’d see the day when Nick Chubb and Sony Michel would join the “run the damned ball, Chaney” club.  But here we are:

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel walked into offensive coordinator Jim Chaney’s office Monday morning hoping to make sense of what happened during Georgia’s 24-10 loss to Florida.

Chubb only got nine carries for 20 yards, and Michel was handed the ball three times for 2 yards.

Those aren’t the numbers the two star running backs are accustomed to.

Georgia has long been known as a downhill, physical run-first team. After a dominating performance against North Carolina in the season opener, which saw Georgia rush for 289 yards in a 33-24 win, the Bulldogs have been hit or miss in the ground game since.

With Chaney going away from running the ball against the Gators, Chubb and Michel met with Chaney to find out why and what the plan would be moving forward.

“I talked to Coach Chaney, but what he said was true,” Chubb said. “We weren’t good at running the ball that game. They outplayed us so we had to try something new.”

For the few 5- to 7-yard runs Chubb had, it seemed there were many more where he, or another ballcarrier, was stuffed at the line of scrimmage. That’s why Chaney switched it up in the second half and went predominantly with the pass.

Even so, Chubb said he asked Chaney if the run game would be a focal point moving forward. With a player as talented as Chubb, it would be wise in most situations to make the effort to get him more than nine carries in a game, even if the run game is struggling.

“I don’t think I’ll get nine carries again,” Chubb said in a joking tone.

The impromptu meeting the players had with Chaney lasted a few minutes and came with Chubb and Michel knowing Chaney has an open-door policy.

I guess we can’t blame Bobo for this one.

Really, this feels unprecedented — not just two stars going to the offensive coordinator to ask what’s going on, but that it plays out publicly in the press.  Has there been a stranger stretch in Georgia football than what we’ve witnessed over the past two years?  I can’t think of one.

Here’s betting on tons of power running sets against Kentucky Saturday night.  The ‘Cats are almost as bad defensively against the run as South Carolina, so perhaps that’s not a bad strategy, except remember that SC did a better job shutting down Georgia’s running game in the second half when Boom committed more men to the box.  Were I Stoops, I wouldn’t wait that long to make Jacob Eason beat me.



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  1. jt (the other one)

    Sigh. The most successful Georgia teams have always been a physical run first teams. I get where Kirbo & Co. want to go and I believe it is blocking scheme that is driving or lack of yards. The 97 SB Champion Broncos (yes I get that is a SB champ) employed a zone blocking scheme as they didn’t have ONE OLman over 300 pds. They were not drive blockers but athletic mobile blockers. I still remember the NG for the Packers gasping for air as the Broncos OLmen simply hit him from all angles as he tried to chase Terrell Davis.


    • sUGArdaddy

      We do use zone blocking. Every team uses nearly every concept. We’re not good at much of anything.


      • Macallanlover

        You are right, we use both man and zone at various times. So we have regressed this season due to some change in responsibility because those same guys on the OL didn’t forget we are against the guys in the other colored jerseys. We totally whiff on plays, totally it isn’t just getting knocked back into the play that causes our problem. And it isn’t that the OL doesn’t care any more and loves receiving this abuse. Something changed, and it isn’t a significant change in the players, or their talent level. What we have heah is a failure to communicate. Pittman/Chaney, please resolve during bowl practices…if available.


        • Sh3rl0ck

          And don’t forget gap schemes. The power plays are important.

          Earlier in the year, I would have thought a big part of the problem was having 3 coordinators in three years. That is three different verbiage systems to describe the same thing. Chaney is also know for having a “wordy” offense.

          Part of the problem is personnel, though. Catalina, bless his heart, just isn’t an SEC LT. He struggles against strength and quickness. Pyke, while a quality right Guard, just doesn’t have the feet or skills to play Tackle. Wynn is at his natural location at LG and is grading out better than the other linemen accordingly. Kublanow is also a natural LG as opposed to Center. He is doing well technically, but he is wiffing on / missing blocks. I chalk that up having to think on the field. Galliard was our 3rd string Nose Guard last year. Having John Theus and Kolton Houston back this year would have solved a lot of our problems. Theus – Wynn – Kublanow – Pyke – Houston: that would make me feel a lot more comfortable.


          • Mayor

            I agree with you that there isn’t a single SEC caliber offensive tackle on the team. Catalina is a tackle with limited skills from an inferior division and all the rest are guards being played out of position except for Wynn. They would have been well advised to play Pyke at the other guard, IMHO. But then, who could they plug in at RT who wouldn’t have been even worse?


      • Sh3rl0ck

        Yay! Thanks for getting to this before me, sUGAr. It gets lonely trying to fight off the stupid “changed blocking schemes” meme.


        • 69Dawg

          I get that you are right about the schemes but if the verbiage has changed and Chaney has a “wordy system” of calling plays then in effect it would cause the guys to hesitate. I’ve noticed that we are just slow off the snap and that has been deadly to our running backs. This BS meme that Chubb is not as quick as he was before the injury is just Smart apologists making excuses. It makes no difference how quick he is if he is being hit on his first step. This line is still playing like they are confused on almost every play. Wynn who was pointed out as one of our best looked like an idiot on one play at Jax, the UF DL actually pulled him pass him and threw him to the ground where Wynn got to see the play blow up while sitting on his butt.

          My theory is that in an effort to make the complicated easier for Eason we have made it easier for the opposing DC’s. We go heavy, they load the box. We don’t do anything to change what is coming next and it blows up in our faces. The offense is playing with one hand tied behind their backs. The only thing that Eason brings to the game is his arm. We all thought that the fact that he could throw the ball 70 yards would mean the safeties would play back. Well that worked until the DC’s saw his completion percentage on passes over 20 yards and said will take that chance. All of our opponents after UNC saw that on passing downs which would be 3rd and whatever they could bring the house and Eason would either throw it away or over throw it while running for his life on a majority of his passes. By the way give credit to Nicholl’s for seeing it first. Until Eason can come to the line and change the play when he sees the defense, if that is what a Chaney trained QB does, we are screwed. I see us winning only one more game ULL, unless we do something different.


          • Will (The Other One)

            They used a lot of sideline checks and quick huddles vs UT and it worked…why go away from that after the game?


          • dawgman3000

            Gee! A freshman qb that can’t read a defense yet. I have never seen such a thing before.


            At this point I’ll be glad when the Kirby experiment is over. Maybe, just maybe the next coach will get a fair crack at this gig without a good portion of the fan base declaring he is a failure 8 games into his tenure.


        • AthensHomerDawg



  2. Spike

    Forgive me , but I think the media is a little overboard on this meeting. Two running backs met with their OC. They suggested, rightfully, we run the ball more. Ok, we get it. When is the O line going to meet with Pittman and Chaney and get determined to block!?!


  3. Hardcoredawg 93

    Herschel Walker – in his prime – could not run the ball effectively against a stout defense with this team.

    I just caught a few plays of 2nd half Cocktail party on SECN and I’m not sure Archie Manning could have escaped the pressure Eason had.

    O-line is inept.


  4. Jared S.

    I’ve said this before, but I heard LaDainian Tomlinson interviewed on The Dan Patrick Show a few years ago and he said he felt like he needed the ball around 15 times in game before he “hit his stride” and “found the rhythm” of the game. He said he thinks a lot of offenses stop running the ball with a proven back too soon when he isn’t getting much yardage after 8, 10, 12 carries. He said if you’ve got a great back you gotta give it to him at least 15-20 times before he’s gonna give you the big pay-offs.

    I buy it.


    • Russ

      Chubb has shown that to be true throughout his career. Plus, being able to substitute a back like Michel (or Herrien) helps keep Chubb fresh for the 4th quarter.

      But yeah, the backs need enough carries to get into a rhythm. Just not carries into the middle of a 9 man box.


  5. The other Doug

    Is it wrong to think Chaney would want to get Chubb, Michel, and Mckenzie a lot of touches? Never been in the arena and all that, but….


    • Jared S.

      “We’ve got to find a way to get the ball into the hands of our most talented play-makers….”

      Didn’t we hear something like that from CKS all summer long?


  6. AusDawg85

    So the game plan for the gators, with 2 weeks to prepare, was to start off trying to work our 61st ranked “physical, punishing run game” against the gator D. The 9th best run D in the country. And after it failed early and often (who knew?!) we let our freshman QB do his best to avoid being killed and sling it around, with expected results.

    And I’m told to quit nit picking, suck it up, blame the lack of talent and support the coaching staff.

    Got it.


  7. Sh3rl0ck

    This is a perfect example of why I hate my fellow Georgia fans. Complain that Chaney runs the ball too much when it isn’t working and needs to pass instead. Chaney does exactly that when getting less than 2 ypc, and he is accused of abandoning his players. Georgia fans want their cake, to eat it too, have someone else pay for it, and still bitch about it.


    • DawgPhan

      I guess that is one way to take it.

      I just see fans thinking that their highly paid OC and the best in the world OL coach could figure out how to get more than 2 ypc out of 2 five star backs and several other 4-5 star playmakers.

      but they can’t.

      Chaney was chewing Eason’s ass on the drive where he scored the only TD of the game by extending plays.

      I would make a joke about eating cake and Chaney but I wont.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      You throw the words hate and stupid around a bit. I don’t think you were breast feed long enough.
      JUST my opinion.


  8. Calidawg

    I don’t think Pittman, the best oline coach in the history of ever, is getting enough criticism. Catalina aside, our oline is not showing even a modicum of improvement.


  9. When we kicked the field goal instead of scoring a TD after the Sanders interception, I knew it was going to be same song different verse.