One minor detail

Boy, some brisket cooking folks (“Grill using medium heat for 1 to ½ hours per pound.”) are gonna be real pissed off at Kroger when they figure out this week’s game is at noon instead of 7:30 PM. Maybe the “Ragin” in Ragin Cajun Beef Brisket refers to how the chef will feel when his tailgating buddies abandon him to head to Sanford Stadium.  Tasty!


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21 responses to “One minor detail

  1. DawgPhan

    7:30pm on friday is when you would start cooking a brisket for a noon kick off.

    brisket biscuits with tomato for brunch.



    Just get a bucket of chicken and some cold drinks…worked just fine back in the day.


  3. Red Cup

    For the first time ever, in over 36 years, I got a bag of krystals last Saturday for the tailgate to go with our Popeyes fried chicken. I will be doing that from now on until the winning stops.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Plan B: put it in a crock pot overnight Friday, little spice, little heavy ale in there, and voila, corned beef for your tailgate Saturday morning.


  5. charlottedawg

    -start at 6pm Friday
    -forget the 4-5 pound “fresh brisket” i assume this is a flat and use a whole 12-14 pound packer
    -throw it in your smoker overnight. I know big green eggs are the ultimate grilling status symbol in Georgia this is a good use for it
    -wrap the next morning when done in foil. Then wrap in a towel and throw it in a cooler to take to the game.
    – slice across the grain and serve at tailgate


    • Sh3rl0ck

      Start Thursday night anytime you like
      Season and sous-vide cook that brisket for a day and half at 155 degrees. You will probably have to cut the brisket in two pieces unless you have a huge ziplock bag.
      When leaving, leave the brisket in the bag, wrap with a towel and stick it in a cooler.
      When you get to the tailgate, use indirect heat on a 275-300 degree grill, with plenty of oak chunks, until you get the bark consistency you want. Should take about 3 hours.

      Anova Culinary has a pre-Thanksgiving sale going on for their bluetooth immersion cooker. Only $99 with the following code: anova2-87e9debs


      • Interesting.

        Maybe I need to do another GTP holiday gift guide post this year.


        • Sh3rl0ck

          I have the WiFi model ($169), and it is fantastic. I use this container and lid:

          I can control it from anywhere with my phone. It sits on the counter in the container full of water. If I decide I want to sous-vide something. for dinner, I can turn it on while I am at work so that it is ready when I get home. The real kicker is for large cuts of meat. Using your grill / smoker just for flavor instead of cooking leads to a superior product with more moisture retention without all of the fuss of watching to smoker for 18 hours.


  6. This is what happens when you put editorial and shopper marketing decisions in the hands of people who either don’t care about football or don’t enough to make a final copywriting check before it launches.


  7. Alcohalic Genius

    Poached salmon with creamy dill sauce after the game, man.


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