“Thanksgiving is a meal. It’s not a day.”



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33 responses to ““Thanksgiving is a meal. It’s not a day.”

  1. Castleberry

    It’s tough to win a Life championship with a coach that thinks like that.


  2. That’s not really any news. I thought we do something similar. Practice in the morning, everyone has a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner (either at home or with a teammate or at one of the coaches’ homes), and be back in Athens on Thursday night.


  3. 3rdandGrantham

    Poor coach Boom — he clearly eats that rather pathetic tasting turkey cooked in the oven instead of, say, Mad Max’s turkey on a BGE.

    Thanksgiving meals, when done right, always start in the morning and aren’t ready until 1pm at the earliest.


    • Got Cowdog?

      Love Thanksgiving.
      Start early with Sangre de Marias while deep frying turkey for in law lunch. Eat. Return home and prepare Catfish Gumbo for other side of the family, Cold beers for the spicy stuff. Off work, lots of friends and family. Dawgs play Saturday, road trip to see the gang west of the Mississippi after.
      Good times. Happy Thanksgiving Dawgboners!


    • Made Mad Max a few years and liked it. Now I just spatchcock the bird and cook it raised direct on the Egg. Cuts a lot of time off the cook, crisps skin, and cooks evenly.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Absolutely — always do chicken and turkey spatchcock style…none of this standing/beer can nonsense. Spatchcock offers three main advantages: it cooks more evenly as you mentioned, it lays flat so the juices stay in much more, and you can put seasoning underneath the skin that will roast while cooking instead of again just dripping away.


        • charlottedawg

          I feel like spatchcoking also makes carving easier/ less messy since the bird lays flat and the keel bone is gone. Also grilling the turkey is definitely the way to go. Adds smoke flavor and frees up the oven. Oh and it’s another excuse to grill. Like I needed one.


        • Plus you get to say ‘spatchcock’ continually throughout the day to your guests.


      • 81Dog

        Spatchcocked a turkey on the BGE last year. Dry rub with salt and lemon pepper. Injected it with 50/50 apple cider vinegar and Coke, 2 hours at 325 over a plate setter with a drip pan full of the 50/50 mix. Came out really tasty, not dry at all.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      Doing sous vide turkey breasts this year. Will roughly follow this:


      Except I will follow with about half an hour of pecan smoke and deep-fry the skin.


  4. DC Weez

    No amount of practice will result in a Sakerlina victory at Clemson. Might as well relax with a good meal.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Let me get this straight, boom went to UGA AFTER Jan Kemp exposed that we were passing players who were failing as students?


  6. ASEF

    They takin’ the Jesus outa Thanksgiving, Paawwwwl.

    In related news, the dumbass North Carolina General Assembly’s decision to start school as late as humanly possible means we are only now into the second week of high school football playoffs, meaning just about everybody, including our family, can’t visit relatives over the holidays because their kids have practice Thursday morning and play a game Friday night.

    Thanks, dumbass North Carolina General Assembly.


    • Georgia is only in the 3rd round (quarterfinals) of the playoffs this Friday night. North Carolina isn’t that far behind.


      • TomReagan

        A week in the playoffs is a big deal. Twice as many teams practicing in NC Thursday as would’ve been if the playoffs had started just a week earlier.


        • As a former NC resident, I thought the NC high school sports association pushed the season’s start back to keep from playing in August as opposed to the school start date. I get the concern about more families having to stay in town for a Friday night football game. I didn’t follow high school football that closely in NC since our kids went to a school that didn’t have football.


    • The redeeming factor of the late start is that some families want an excuse to NOT have to visit relatives. By the way, how’s the mother-in-law?


  7. Mayor

    Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. It is a time to give thanks for all the blessings we have received. I guess Christmas is just a meal too Boom?


  8. Bright Idea

    Kendall’s query begs to ask, was Spurrier giving the entire day off before he quit?


  9. 81Dog

    Boom = The Process – Nick’s warm people pleasing charm + 2(Nick’s press conference snark) – ability to win.


    • I’m hopeful CKS is Nick v.2.0, not Boom v.2.0. If you have to practice on Thanksgiving, fine. They should be very afraid about their upcoming visit to Orangeland but whatever they do on Thursday is not going to derail their impending doom. Thanksgiving is a day; it’s more than a meal. Except for the Boomster who just may not have all that much for which to be thankful.


  10. Cosmic Dawg

    Although I can’t say as I agree with his policy, that is some good work right there.


  11. 81Dog

    If it’s just a meal, why do all my calendars say “Thanksgiving Day”?


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