Well, look what the cat drug in.

The Pornstache look is back in Athens, baby.

Brian VanGorder is back with the Bulldogs.

VanGorder, the Bulldogs’ former defensive coordinator in the glory days under Mark Richt, is back on Georgia’s staff in a role as a defensive analyst. Persons with knowledge of the situation say VanGorder returned to UGA the week of the Auburn game and helped Georgia with its defensive game plan that week. The Bulldogs defeated No. 9 Auburn 13-7 and held the Tigers without a first down in the second half.

UGA has not responded to messages seeking comment.

VanGorder effectively gives UGA three defensive coordinators on staff. He was brought in by head coach Kirby Smart, himself a longtime coordinator who still has a heavy hand in Georgia’s defense, and actual defensive coordinator Mel Tucker, who came with Smart from Alabama to fill that role.

He’s making bank from Notre Dame, he doesn’t have to recruit and Rodney Garner’s back at Auburn.  It’s like the Bizarro perfect storm.  Hope he’s got a solid contribution in mind for the Tech game plan.


UPDATE:  Kirby has something specific in mind for BVG.

“I called him and asked him,” Smart said. “I thought it would be helpful for us, for this game specifically.”

Smart said VanGorder came on board last week. Georgia’s defensive coordinator from 2001-04, VanGorder, who had been Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator since 2014, was fired in September after the Fighting Irish fell to Duke, 38-35.

“He’s a consultant,” Smart said. “Consultant can watch film. Can break down tape. Can watch tape. Watch practice. Can give opinions.”

Smart said he reached out to VanGorder a few weeks ago, and apparently with the blessing of defensive coordinator Mel Tucker.

“He’s very helpful. He’s very knowledgable,” Smart said. “Mel knew him when he was in the NFL. So he knew him.”

Smart and defensive coordinator don’t have much experience facing the triple option, especially recently. But VanGorder does – and Georgia Tech specifically.

I hope we’re not making “Brian, you had one job” jokes come Sunday.



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57 responses to “Well, look what the cat drug in.

  1. Sweet, how can we lose?

    Seriously, this is great. We had some bad ass defenses under that guy.


  2. Debby Balcer

    Interesting to say the least


  3. sniffer

    The defensive brain trust grows. Now, about that offense…


  4. I guess we’ll have to wait 90 days for any information about BVG.

    I have to wonder if this is in anticipation of Sherrer getting a defensive coordinator gig this offseason (likely) or Tucker heading back to the League (not as likely).


    • Sh3rl0ck

      There is also the strong possibility of the NCAA allowing 10 Assistant coaches starting next year. It is one of the proposals in front of the rules committee.

      If that came to pass, I’m not sure how Kirby would allocate the 10th spot. Saban and Richt both said that they would use it for a full time special teams coach.

      Also, Chip Towers is such a dumbshit he didn’t even bother to look-up / remember that Kevin Sherrer was DC at South Alabama when Pruitt hired him. That is 4 DCs. I’m surprised he didn’t try to start a rumor that one of the current defensive coaches was on the hot-seat. Half of the BS memes are started by BS in Chip’s column.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    This is interesting. But if he had his hand in that Auburn game plan, he’s aces with me. How did his defenses at Notre Dame do against the nerds?


  6. Webber Paul

    Does anybody know what really happened to cause BVG to leave after 2005? Was there friction with Garner?


  7. Uglydawg

    I just hope this isn’t a “Too many chef’s spoil the soup” situation. If KS can manage that many experts than it’s all good…all wonderful! And if the effort against AU is a sample, we’re going to be a happy bunch.
    This news really floored me. Is BVG just parking it in Athens, motor running, until further offers occur, or is he here to take a permanent advisory role or is he here because he loves UGA? I’m just happy he’s here and hope it shows up against GT as it did against The Barn. My suspicion is that the defense worked more on the GT plan than the ULL game plan last week.


    • He’s kept his permanent home nearby. I can’t remember where precisely, but his daughter attended UGA after he left and I saw him at the Athens Home Depot once when he was with the Falcons, I think.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I don’t think that VanGorder knows the meaning of the word “permanent.” He’ll be here for a few games, maybe even next season. I wouldn’t expect more than that unless we hand him a coordinator job.


      • Otto

        Smart looks to be attempting to stock pile coaches like Saban and Bama. We all know Saban has a small army of analysts but if Junior leaves to be a head coach, Sarkisian is there to step in with same basic philosophy, has experience, and knows the staff/players.

        BVG maybe gone tomorrow if so fine, if not he does have a great mind for defense.


  8. A10Penny

    Awesome. No idea how much it will help (his defenses at UGA were awesome, but that was a long time ago). But it is definitely a sign that the times are changing (along with Kevin Butler helping).


  9. Calidawg

    Stupid question, but is he being paid? Do high profile former coaches that come on as analysts generally get any compensation? Not that I care either way, just curious.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    BVG is an interesting case study. Everyone was scratching their heads when CMR hired the all-but-unknown as his first DC, and letting the highly regarded Gary Gibbs from Donnan’s staff walk. BVG had 4 excellent seasons with the Dawgs. Some years later sos announced his hire as DC at scu, only to have the Falcons intervene. I thought he did a good job as DC for Atlanta too, considering what he had to work with. But lack of players and Smith/Dimitroff’s need of a scapegoat ended that gig. Now Kelly needed a scapegoat. As I said in a previous post, BVG sure knew how to make halftime adjustments. Appears players such as Pollack and Thomas Davis had a lot of praise for BVG.

    My only concern is whether he has the same fire in his belly. And considering he was an assistant at aubie under chizik for a year, one would think he’d have better insight on defending the spread. Given the right situation I have little doubt he can help us. I would think ‘analyst’ would be right up BVG’s alley given his x’s and o’s skills.


  11. Russ

    Shagadelic, baby!


  12. Bright Idea

    Very experienced set of eyes to breakdown film but everybody knows BVG can be a real tool around players, even 01-04 Georgia Bulldogs, when he did great work. I was told by a player that after Richt scolded team about a trashy locker room once, the Seniors enforced a cleanup only to have BVG sneak behind them and scatter wet towels everywhere. He wanted no part of Erk Russell’s legacy and traditions, including riding old school buses to home games, which alienated everybody at GS. None of that means he can’t be an asset.


  13. Tech wasn’t running the option when he was last here so not sure how much he can contribute as far as defending it.


    • And he’s always been a lazy/average recruiter but I guess he doesn’t really have to worry about that. Come to think of it, I’m really not sure why we brought him in. Not that I think it’s bad. I’m just not sure the reason because it’s not like we were struggling. Maybe it’s Kirby expecting someone too leave or something. I’m sure we’ll find out down the road.


    • Will (The Other One)

      They did a very solid job for 3.75 quarters vs it last year at ND. Some injuries to a DB and pulling some starters let the nerds make that far closer than it was for 90% of the game.


  14. BVG can bring back the Lip Jar.


  15. He was great at half-time adjustments when he was a Dawg. Great tag for this post Senator!


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Almost forgot, but I recall Bluto’s post before last years gtu-ND matchup about how fishfry despises BVG for the damage he did @ GA Southern. Of course, fishfry lost that ND game. And as usual would’ve been better off if he kept his big mouth shut.



    Glad to have suitcase brian back if only for a short while. GATA JYD!!!!


  18. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It might be a ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ situation, but I always liked BVG. He seems like the kind of guy that knows his stuff but doesn’t necessarily play well with others. But if he can work with Mel and Kirby I like it.


  19. Bob

    His defenses gave up almost 700 yards rushing against Navy in two years. Not exactly something that gives me much reason to start dancing in the street.