“I get a kick out of when people say they don’t have any players.”

The genius here sounds a lot like Spurrier talking about Ray Goff.  All that’s missing are the wins.


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22 responses to ““I get a kick out of when people say they don’t have any players.”

  1. Top ten is more than enough to be the nerds. But top ten will roughly put you in the middle of the sec pack and it’s not enough to compete for a championship consistently. Top three is what you need.


  2. CB

    I tend to agree with the genius. There are a lot of moving parts at Georgia this year, and everything hasn’t quite synced up. Experience and familiarity are much greater issues for us than talent. The talent is there.


  3. Uglydawg

    The talent is not even top ten on the offensive line…and that’s a weakness you can’t hide. Georgia’s lack of success in recruiting that area will always be the mysterious thing that kept the Dawgs off of that next and highest level.
    I hope it’s good enough to beat the moths. That’s the last really important goal for this year. I think our defense is better than theirs and I think our offense is gelling. Special teams is a pick-um…but Isiah Mac may do something great.


  4. JCDAWG83

    Our OL talent is FCS level, the rest of the roster is talented enough to beat tech. The previous regime had top 10 classes based on skill position players but left huge holes in the roster on OL and DL. DL talent is good but there is no depth, linebackers are decent but not top tier, defensive backs are also adequate but not special outside of Sanders. On offense; the running backs and tight ends are very good, the wide receivers are adequate but undersized and the OL is weak.

    We have plenty enough talent to beat tech but we will have to play a good game or they could pull a Vandy on us.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      And, with the cut blocking, hope knees hold up the entire game.


    • We need 2 big scoring plays on offense and no more than one lost fumble and we will be in really good shape.

      Lack of big plays and multiple lost fumbles and it will be anyone’s game.


    • Jeff Sanchez

      Amazing how “FCS talent” managed to roll up big yards against UNC, USC, UT, and Auburn


      • Jp

        Unc , Usc and Ut are all horrible on defense. Auburn held us to 6 offensive points while their offense did not get a single first down in the entire second half. Try again. How about Ole Miss , Vandy , and Florida Hell even Nichols St.


    • “Our OL talent is FCS level …”

      The recruiting services would disagree with you (data including selected offers claimed per Rivals):
      RT – Greg Pyke – 3-star prospect (Louisville, Michigan St., Penn St., West Virginia, Wisconsin)
      RG – Lamont Gaillard – 3-star prospect at DT (Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida St., LSU, Miami (FL), North Carolina, Notre Dame, South Carolina)
      C – Brandon Kublanow – 4-star prospect (Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida St., Georgia Tech, LSU, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, UCLA, USC)
      LG – Isaiah Wynn – 4-star prospect (Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Florida St., Georgia Tech, Miami (FL), Michigan St., Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Nebraska, Tennessee, West Virginia)
      LT – Tyler Catalina – FCS graduate transfer (wasn’t on Rivals database)

      Major contributor – Dyshon Sims – 4-star prospect (Alabama, Florida St., Georgia Tech, Miami (FL), Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Tennessee)

      If you have a problem with development, coaching, or S&C, I can’t disagree with that, but that group isn’t the chicken $#!+ everyone claims it to be.


      • JCDAWG83

        The results on the field against Nichols, Ole Miss, Vandy and UF would agree with me. That other programs showed interest doesn’t make them better than they are; lots of people like Land Rover vehicles but that doesn’t make them quality vehicles.


        • They made offers to these guys. It wasn’t just interest. As I wrote, if you want to take shots at the development of these guys under the previous regime and this staff, feel free, and I wouldn’t disagree, but to question whether these 5 (less Catalina) were prospects means you think you know a hell of a lot more about high school talent evaluation than the coaching staffs of 23 top-flight P5 programs.

          Everyone says to look at the list of offers a kid has to determine whether he’s a good prospect or not. The list of offers of the guys recruited would indicate that everyone of them were projected to be contributors on the line of scrimmage.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Agree. I defy anyone to show me a player, any player, that Pittman has ‘coached up’ on this team. At least Coley and Beamer have some improving players they can point to as the season has progressed.

        We lose 3 OL starters after this season. Pittman hasn’t groomed anyone to fill those spots. Yes, we need some good recruits. But this team can’t wait til 2019 to get a productive OL assembled and sufficiently experienced. We need an OL coach who can get production out of the players he’s got to work with NOW. Pittman hasn’t shown he can do that.


        • I think Wynn has actually been a pretty darn good player this year. I think most would agree Pyke is playing out of position because he has to, but he still seems to be a pretty darn good prospect at guard to me. I’ll admit that I don’t know enough about offensive line play to know whether guys have improved or not.


      • Sh3rl0ck

        Kublano, Pyke, and Wynn are all quality SEC caliber Guards. Wynn is the only one playing Guard. We do not have a quality SEC caliber Offensive Tackle on the team. Wynn is serviceable at Tackle and Pyke is getting by, but he is 2nd or 3rd team All-SEC at Guard. The 2014 line might not have been the most talented, but Theus-Kublanow-Andrews-Pyke-Houston was a good line. I’m just glad that Eason has stayed healthy with Catalina and Galliard on the field.


        • I agree about the 2014 line. They were a damn good group even though we had people constantly bitch about Theus and Andrews as private school players, Houston as a good human interest story, Kublanow as a slow stiff, and Pyke as a lacrosse player.

          Tackle recruiting is damn hard because blue chip players generally don’t have to have good technique to be dominant players in high school.


    • lakedawg

      No depth on D-line? I can not remember a year where we can rotate the number of guys we are this year, yes they are young but about 3 deep.


  5. Kinda off topic but did anyone see that van Gorder is a defensive analyst for us now? Is this a recent development? Very interesting either way


    • Apparently he come on the week of the auburn game. That’s a lot of defensive coordinating chiefs on one team. Basically 3 long time defensive coordinators on one team. Whatever works as long as it works


    • W Cobb Dawg

      In the spirit of the holidays I’m only going to say good things about this. BVG was terrific at making adjustments at halftime – at least while he was at UGA. And his demand to ditch Garner shows he’s a good judge of character.


  6. Bright Idea

    How many players currently are on Georgia’s roster are to kill for?


  7. Mayor

    The previous regime for the most part believed that each O-Lineman should be able to play any O-Line position, so they recruited guards. A guard can, obviously, play guard. Some guards can also play center with some adjustments. Tackle…that’s another matter. The skill set for tackle is different than the skill set for guard. But CMR had the philosophy stated above probably based on injury-risk aversion and felt he could scheme around it. That is why when Georgia had the biggest O-Line in the nation in 2010 the Dawgs still couldn’t move anyone off the LOS and ended up with a 6-7 record that season. I’m not beating up CMR. Just stating the facts. He just thought that skill people were more important.


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