Get ‘yer Hate Week on, Day 3, you were always on my mind edition

I admit it.  I was being a little facetious yesterday when I questioned whether Kirby had the right mindset going into the Tech game.  There’s no reason to think he’s any more ignorant of what the series history has meant to his predecessors than Mark Richt was, who, after all, had no contact with Georgia before Dooley hired him.

If you’re looking for clues about how seriously Smart is taking the rivalry game, start with bringing VanGorder in as a consultant primarily for preparation for the triple option.  That’s hardly the first clue, though.  This is:

Smart said the biggest obstacle in playing Georgia Tech is the preparation. Because of the rarity of the triple-option offense, this will be Georgia’s first time defending it in 2016. Georgia has dedicated time in the offseason and during the bye week for this game, as the coaches understand how unusual the matchup will be.  [Emphasis added.]

Maybe that explains Florida.  Okay, I keed, I keed.  A little, anyway.

What that does tell us is that Smart’s been locked in on Tech from the get go.  Maybe, then, hate isn’t so much passion gone amuck as it is a coldblooded determination to drive those guys into the dirt.  Works for me.


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9 responses to “Get ‘yer Hate Week on, Day 3, you were always on my mind edition

  1. Athens Dog

    I’ll take all the help we can get to defense that crappy scheme. Give us your lunch money nerds.


  2. Cold-blooded determination … I’ll take it. We run this state.


  3. UGA85

    Our performance against Florida was very disappointing. But most of my disappointment was with our offense and special teams, which looked absolutely terrible much of the game. Honestly, I don’t know how anything less than a veteran Saban defense could have won that game for us defensively.


    • JT

      That just made me a bigger Kirby Smart fan. I have been off the boat ride for a while until the team began to show improvement from week to week. I am excited about the future and really like his emphasis on beating the in state rival.


  4. While every team has a few game day wrinkles each week, I have complete faith that our team will be well prepared for what they are about to face. Not to get philosophical, but college football preparation is often about human nature (i.e., motivation), organization, and understanding capabilities. With Kirby, I am confident that we are well attuned to all three. I think he has done a great job with the human nature part all season, and quite frankly, it seems pretty clear that we have widespread acceptance from the players of what he is asking. The BVG consulting is just one small example of many about addressing a specific expertise and an attention to detail. As for our capabilities, he is trying to teach kids how to deal with cut blocks and maintain eye discipline to do their jobs. My guess is we are well prepared for this one.


    • Red Cup

      So you have concluded that we were motivated and ready to play v Ole Miss, Vandy, and Nichols? Have to disagree.


      • Uglydawg

        Those were early season games…and the defense played well against Vandy..special teams hurt us there..and both are greatly improved. The team has come a long way…ULL has a very good defense. GT’s is probably not as good…Chubb is a hungry, hungry Dawg right now and Eason is good and getting better.
        Georgia should win this game.
        That doesn’t mean they will, but they should.
        BTW..this is GT’s last half-way decent chance to win this for probably the next several years….so a UGA win will be particularly devastating for the Geek Nation.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Yeah, they have gotten better every game. But they still make a lot of mistakes…read “they fuck up a lot.” Its gonna be a worry fest I’m pretty sure. But, Good God, am I ready for a coaster.


      • Mdcgtp

        We tripled Vandy’s output.
        Kirby was vocal in his displeasure with how the players practiced for Nichols.
        Ole Miss was a huge matchup problem for a young defense, particularly Briscoe. He inserted Baker in the lineup, and we have improved on defense since then. Ledbetter’s return has helped us get a bit more pressure.