The death of game planning

If this quote don’t beat all:

SEC Network sideline reporter Olivia Harlan summed up her talk with offensive coordinator Jim Chaney by reporting: “They’re trying to do less offensively now than they were earlier in the season, because nothing else works. Now they’re just trying to give it to their tailbacks, a lot of screen passes.”

Holy crap.


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  1. This doesn’t change my opinion of Schotty, but it does make me cut him a little slack in retrospect.

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  2. I saw that clip live and backed the DVR up twice thinking and hoping that I misunderstood. Then, to keep me from turning the game off at that point, I decided it must have been a Jedi mind trick to confuse the nerds. No such luck. Bobo just keeps looking better and better.


  3. Bright Idea

    Chaney did try to bootleg Eason once Saturday. First time all season I believe. He also half rolled him right once for a first down conversion pass. Never saw any conventional screens even with Tech blitzing on 3rd down. I don’t believe Eason is the totally immobile stiff that we have been led to believe.


  4. Russ

    Kirby pretty much admitted the same when they stuck Atkins in the backfield at the Ole Miss game. Everyone said it was a spur of the moment decision and hadn’t been practiced before. Seems like they were just trying whatever might work at the time. Sort of like lining up our smallest player at tailback with our record-setting tailback as fullback. With the game on the line.


  5. This quote should be on Chaney’s pink slip.


  6. John Denver is full of shit...

    He’s gotta go. There is no reason to “WEIGHT” and see if he improves.


    • 4 OCs in 4 years is a bad idea. And that’s coming from someone that wouldn’t mind seeing him leave. I just don’t think we need to start all over again. Eason needs to master the system he’s in first.


      • Russ

        Yep, I agree. It’s a bad position to be in, but continuing to change offensive staffs is even worse. We have to sink or swim with Chaney. I’m not sure if he’s buoyant or dead weight.


        • The one and only defense I’ll give Chaney: even with a bad OL, there were still times all season where we had guys wide ass open and Eason threw to the wrong guy.

          I think Eason struggled with coverage/understanding where to go with the ball a lot more than anyone realized.


          • John Denver is full shit...

            Agree you guys another change could be detrimental to Eason and the program, trust the process right? Alright. Im in.
            Hopefully the meaningless bowl game will show positive signs of the future.


          • Just really hard to judge an OC’s offensive system when it is run by a freshman qb in the SEC with a sub par O-line. Just gotta give the guy time to develop Eason and work it out. I know, the impulse is to let the guy go, but how many times can we start from scratch?


          • MDDawg

            Not to mention the times that Eason put it on the money and the receivers didn’t help him out.


      • DawgByte

        I agree Jim needs to stay and have the opportunity to fix things! No doubt, Chaney shot himself in the foot every game this season, but we have to also look objectively at the hand he was dealt – True Frosh QB, WEAK OL, WR’s who can’t catch the ball, cannot run good routes and can’t get separation from decent DB’s. You add all those things together and it would take a miracle to field a Top 3 SEC offense. If it makes us feel any better – look at Florida’s offense… they really suck!!!


  7. John

    Difficult to to fault his game planning in the context of not having an offensive line that he could trust to…well…do literally anything correct on a regular basis.

    There are simply not any play calls that offensive line performance is not hugely important.


  8. doofusdawg

    The worst thing is that I think we did game plan to be more vanilla against teams we thought we could win easily. The first game in the dome was a very creative offense as we attacked the entire field. Look at the first drive against Nicholls… that’s what we could have been this season. Then it’s practice time… up the middle.

    The flanker around to Ridley averaged over ten yards per attempt. I think we ran it twice this season… beginning last week. We ran one reverse to Joystick this season… last week for a huge gain. Every time we ran the shallow tight end drag we got a big game. You can count those on one hand as well.

    The fact is that we have the plays in our playbook that could have secured us at least a 10-2 record right now. My question is why the hell didn’t Chaney use them.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Chaney is not the answer, unless the question is ‘what happened to the Thanksgiving turkey’. SOD knew it. Bielema knew it. Kirby knew it when he booted Chaney from the sideline to the booth. The O had a stretch of 5 TDs in 4 games. Anyone expecting improvement with Chaney is going to be disappointed.


    • Macallanlover

      So true. And some suggest we watch more of this next year before we make a move? Better act like Orgeron and put a full court press on looking for a new OC, one that can make us better before 2018. We aren’t going to be SEC title material next year, might as well bite the bullet and take a step toward success.


  10. Red Cup

    Screen passes? Unless that is referring to those quick wide receiver tosses, I don’t think I saw a SINGLE screen pass all year. And we used to be great at that.


  11. HVL Dawg

    Let’s put all 11 of our offensive players lined up in the box so that the defense can, ya know, put all 11 of their players in the box, then run it up the middle where we will create space with our decided schematic advantage.


  12. El Dawgo

    It is easy to pile on Chaney, and he deserves it for sure, but has anyone attempted to explain our abysmal performance in the red zone by our “good” defense?