“College football has always been gray.”

I’m sure Mike Tranghese slipped up and meant to say “great” there… oh, wait?  He di’int?


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5 responses to ““College football has always been gray.”

  1. Macallanlover

    Committee has painted themselves in a corner with having ohio at #2, don’t see how they can fall out of the Top 4 now. As someone who wants to see four more teams added, the more chaos from disgruntled fans generated the better. I never felt two teams from one conference should be in a playoff where at least one conference champ is slighted but this situation could mean two conference champs are slighted even if there is a representative included….perfect! Let Pedophile State or Wisky sit home and send Corch to the final four, Delaney would be beside himself explaining that.

    No conference champ should sit home, but the Committee was put in an impossible position because there simply aren’t enough seats at the table. Tonight’s ranking will tip their hand for which way they are leaning, problem is they have too many of Delaney’s boys in the Top grouping and no one slipped up. How do they navigate around that? Neither OU or OK State played so they can’t get moved ahead of Wisky or PSU. Fun times.


  2. Sh3rl0ck

    It really is nice to know that not winning your division is only a disqualifier for UGA and not Alabama or yankee schools.


  3. I kept expecting to see something mentioning 50 shades, but nope. Thank goodness for that too.


  4. Bright Idea

    If they add 4 more and then 8 more winning the NC will be about as meaningful as winning the SEC East. Some team that was miserable in September and October will get hot, finish 8-4 with an upset of a highly ranked team, get seeded 12th and manage to win the NC against a beat up bracket and we’ll all say WTF just happened. Leave that for basketball.