“We weren’t negotiating.”

Next time, Minnesota, you might think about explaining the situation to your players before they decide to launch a boycott.

On a related note, I would have been more shocked if this hadn’t happened.


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12 responses to ““We weren’t negotiating.”

  1. Macallanlover

    With three of these “boycott” situations in the past two seasons, it is a trend the universities and coaches need to be ready to address and have action plans in place for. Kaylor may be right that coaches are in a difficult position but not correct that they have to be supportive to the point of supporting any action taken by players. A boycott should be a last resort position, and a step taken only after all avenues of reconciling the issue are exhausted. These players were not in a position to demand total access to the facts of the case, or question if the people in a position to know were acting poorly. It may turn out the officials did use poor judgement but the actions taken by the players were extreme and out of proportion to their level of knowledge, imo. And the HC’s immediate endorsement and support of the players was a knee-jerk reaction that should have consequences, again, imo.


  2. Debby Balcer

    All studentsacccused and accuser ought to have the right to counsel for those hearings. why do colleges and the NCAA need to deprive students of the riiiiiight to have an advocate insomeof the most important processes thatt affect themm.


    • AusDawg85

      You must be somewhere collllddd to sttutter like that! 😉


      • Debby Balcer

        I got a Bluetooth keyboard and was trying it out- an obvious fail. Young adults deserve legal counsel in hearings and athletes deserve legal advisors when deciding where to commit. The schools have too much power.


    • Paul

      Most of what schools can and cannot do is dictated by Title IX.


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        I don’t think Title IX dictates much, except the outcome. If the DOE decides that schools aren’t taking sexual complaints seriously enough, then the schools pay through the nose. And so far, the schools haven’t gotten in much trouble for treating sex investigations as kangaroo courts.

        But the NCAA has nothing to do with it.


  3. Always helps to be in the loop. Now the question arises, who is charge of the loop?


  4. Paul

    If I were the president I would have fired the coach five minutes after the tweet. We’ll see what happens after the bowl game.