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I expect rushing yardage drubbings like that when an SEC team plays a cupcake game, but in a conference championship meeting?  Just, damn, ‘Bama.


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You’ve made your bed, college football.

Now lie in it.

Penn State fans booed Jim Delany at his Big Ten Championship Game. They booed him long, they booed him loud, they booed him until he stopped talking during the Nittany Lions’ ceremony after a remarkable run and 21-point comeback to the Big Ten title.

Delany’s crime? Earlier in the day on ESPN’s College GameDay, he explained he thought 13-0 Alabama and 11-1 Ohio State — the team the 11-2 Nittany Lions beat on their way to the Big Ten crown — have separated themselves and should be in the College Football Playoff.

“I don’t know why they booed,” Delany said on the field Saturday after Penn State’s thrilling 38-31 victory over Wisconsin. “I don’t know what that was for. Just fans being fans. It’s cool — all good.”

They booed because Delany didn’t make a case for Penn State on national television while supporting Ohio State. He wouldn’t make the case when pressed late Saturday night.

“I’m not going to dissect it,” Delany said. “That’s their job, not mine. … We wanted the human element in this process and regardless of what happens, I’ll be supportive of the outcome.”

It’s one thing to listen to pundits without any skin in the game engage in this silly debate.  It’s quite another to watch the Big Ten commissioner devalue what should be the crown jewel of his conference’s season.

This is what comes of trying to marry an objective standard of naming conference champions with a subjective process of constructing a national playoff field.  Add to that a pointless selection committee show for weeks that exists for the sole purpose of giving ESPN broadcast product and you wind up with the perfect shit storm.

It’s not that college football is in chaos.  It’s that the people running college football are idiots.



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“He’s got the ability to step in right away.”

Judging from this, that remake of Georgia’s offensive line into a powerhouse is gonna take some time.  And by “some time”, I mean “more time than we thought”.


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Name that caption, never thought it would come to this edition

Kirby Smart has a lot to answer for this season.

Damn, that’s just wrong.


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The Herbstreit Doctrine cannot fail. It can only be failed.


*Hot take a week ago:

Unfortunately for ol’ Herbie, Washington crushed Colorado in the Pac-12 championship game and finished the regular season with a 12-1 record.  That should be it, then, right?  I mean, only one loss and a conference title ought to count for something, right?

Not so fast, my friend.

Oh.  Man, what was I thinking of?

Oh, yeah, that.


UPDATE:  GameDay, for the win.

Sure.  I mean, why not?


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