Today, in career advice

ESPN writer tells Booch one key to getting off the hot seat is “…to lighten up or let go of some of the clichés he’s thrown around in recent months like ‘champions of life’ or ‘five-star hearts.'”

What would be the fun in that?  Besides, you know a man by the clichés he keeps.


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  1. Argondawg

    That UT schedule may be a problem for Bootch. Open with the gnats at the Benz then to the swamp. Throw in us, At Bama and home against LSU and a side order of UK, Southern Miss and Boom’s squad also Vandy to boot and we may be watching the 5 star heart’s swan song,


    • Dog in Fla

      Take another little piece of his heart

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    • Mayor

      What makes you think UGA is going to beat UT this coming year? Bootch has beaten the Dawgs 2 years in a row and the game is in KnoxVegas. We keep ragging on Bootch but I haven’t seen anything that tells me that our current HC is any better when it comes to coaching or running a program. Better recruiter probably (based on the 2017 signees) but Xs and Os–not sure yet.


      • Macallanlover

        Oh for God’s sake Mayor, at this point I don’t know if our HC is better or not. but I can damn sure decide that Sgt Carter isn’t a good head coach. His games the past two years against UGA doesn’t show he is a decent coach, his overall performance shows he is a tool. Judge him on the whole of his work, not two games with miracle plays.

        Coaches are not always, or usually, the determining factor. “His” win this past year, with more experienced/talented players was a result of an imbalance in officiating calls, followed by our stupidity to not pressure Dobbs on the Hail Mary. Took both of those. Year before a pass so poorly thrown by Dobbs that it hit a Vol receiver who had fallen to the ground, combined with a kickoff fumble by UGA to get them 14 points before halftime. Longer shot than the Hail Mary. imo. Bootch didn’t cause either one to occur.


        • Mayor

          You missed my point Mac. I think Bootch is an idiot and a lousy HC. It amazes me whenever UT wins a game because Bootch is so incompetent. My fear is that CKS is Bootch, Jr. Other than recruiting I haven’t seen anything that tells me otherwise.


  2. Rusty

    Well…that and winning big games


  3. Ricky McDurden

    You know Butch stands in the mirror every morning and imagines himself as Coach Taylor from FNL. It’s the only rational explanation for the flow of cheese out of Knoxville


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    I think the writer is most unfair. If Butch lays off the obsequious cliche he will have nothing to say, at all, at all. Brick by Brick, indeed.