3 responses to “Quick, honey. Get the popcorn!

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Hahahahaha. The Ol’ Miss administration has to be looking forward to the discovery process that would bring – NOT. Best be apologizing, boys! Cheaper and less likely to have even more shit hit the fan.


  2. southernlawyer11

    I find myself hating everything that is the SEC West more and more with the passing years. To the point of rooting for ANY SEC East team against a West opponent unless the Dawgs absolutely need the game in the divisional race. Plus, I’m kind of anti back-your-way-into-Atlanta. Perfect example of this was Florida putting the screws to Bucky Beaver Freeze and Ole Miss a couple years ago while they were still taking their We-Beat-Bama victory lap a week later.

    In interdivisional games not including Bama, the West was 1 game over .500 against the East in 2016, yet they are still riding the coattails of 3-4 yrs ago. And they are all corrupt as hell.

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  3. 3rdandGrantham

    Dude, no guy worth his salt should ever ask or demand an apology from another guy. What you are basically saying is, “hey, I want you to make a totally inauthentic statement to me that you don’t mean, in order to satisfy my fragile ego.”

    I bet Houston Nutt also attends parties, and afterward asks the male host for the recipe of that great spinach dip they served.