Musical palate cleanser, who are these guys? edition

Some rock critic once called The Long Ryders’ “Looking for Lewis and Clark” the best rock song of the 1980s.  Hyperbole, maybe, but I will say it’s one of the greatest songs an obscure band ever laid down.

Man, that cooks.  These guys deserved a bigger audience than they ever got.


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21 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, who are these guys? edition

  1. PharmDawg

    I hear Gram Parsons, I hear Buffalo Springfield, I hear The Byrds, I hear Bob Dylan, I hear The Flying Burrito Brothers…

    Could be The Long Ryders were just a little too derivative? I thought so at the time.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I was thinking the song had a very 1960’s British Invasion vibe.


  3. KingMackeral

    Thanks for that. I checked out a couple of albums and it was really good stuff and will be added to my listening collection….


  4. Dawg Vegas

    There was a host of bands like this in the 80’s – the Del Fuegos, 54-40, Long Ryders, The Call Jason and the Scorchers all spring to mind.

    Good stuff Senator!


    • Red Cup

      Jason and the Scorchers are still around. Currently touring in Europe.


      • Dawg Vegas



      • Got Cowdog

        Freshman year at UGA: Jason and the scorchers “Still Standing” And Steve Earle’s “Guitar Town” were two albums we played all the time.
        A couple of years ago I ran an I tunes genius on “Gold Ball and Chain” . I had not remembered how much good music there was at that time. Just tons of old deep stuff. The Smithereens, The Smiths, The Call, Rockpile, it goes on and on.

        No internet then, I was stuck with Atlanta’s crappy FM stations. Which are still crappy by the way. I may be late to the late 80’s early 90’s alternative scene, but I’m glad to finally be here!


  5. Edgar Allan Poster

    ‘Twas way back in the ’80s, while thumbing through the stacks in the Buford Highway Turtles Records that I saw the cover of their LP “Native Sons” and recognized that it was a near-exact replica of the legendary, never-released Buffalo Springfield LP “Stampede”. I figured then that these fellows would be worth listening to, and I was right. Thanks for the reminder.


  6. Tommy

    You ever read Sid Griffin’s (Long Ryders singer) bio of Gram Parsons? Probably out of print, but worth hunting down on Amazon. Tons of good interviews.

    These guys, or at least this track, remind me a lot of Dream Syndicate. Spin Days of Wine and Roses or Live at Rajji’s and tell me if you don’t hear it.


    • Edgar Allan Poster

      Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate was in the original lineup of the Long Ryders, so you’re not imagining it.


      • Tommy

        Well, that explains it. That LA cowpunk / Paisley Underground scene was one of the few signs of life in the ’80s.


  7. You asked who are these guys. After listening to their song I ask “who cares who they are”? Usually your song picks are much better.


  8. Rugbydawg79

    I thought it was excellent , thanks.


  9. Greg

    A little further back, but I always liked this one (obscure):


  10. Greg

    Another oldie, not obscure…but under appreciated imo:


  11. Cosmic Dawg

    My five year old daughter asked if she could join the Long Ryders after watching this video a few months ago:

    I told her she’d have to get in line behind her dad.

    They played the EARL in Atlanta last fall and I was bummed I missed it. For those of you who thought the Senator’s selection was an off pick, I guarantee if you have a pulse you will love the above NRBQ cover.