Turnover margin

Coaching stability is a myth.

Illustrating the amount of turnover in the profession, 107 of the 129 FBS head coaches have been hired since 2011, and 63 have been hired in the past three years. That means nearly half of all head coaches have been hired since 2015. [Emphasis added.]

Whatever happened to patience being a virtue?



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13 responses to “Turnover margin

  1. Greg

    The money in college football these days is doing it….more competitive. There are more of “what have you done for me lately” crowds. Instant gratification seems to be more prevalent today also. It works sometimes, but rarely….see Gus Malzahn (1st year), but it has caught up with him imo.

    I can’t think of any coach that has never had a losing season…..patience & “continuity” work IYAM.


  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    “Whatever happened to patience being a virtue?”
    You should know by know that when big money is involved, virtue leaves the room.


  3. Uglydawg

    Until the day when every team in college football finishes the year at .500, there will be this problem. Everyone hates losing.


  4. At the top, it’s the Ricky Bobby mentality about championships (see Miles, Les and Richt, Mark). In the middle, it’s the “We’re So and So U! Why don’t you get us to the next level?” crowd (see Stoops, Mark if UK doesn’t meet expectations this year). At the bottom, it’s the “We suck, but we shouldn’t” crowd (Name Your Bottom Feeder).

    That and the big money have made alumni and fans lose their minds.


  5. Russ

    We tried patience. Apparently it doesn’t work.


    • Got Cowdog

      Easy, Russ. You might ruffle some feathers …………


    • Dave

      Definitely time to let Richt go, but try telling that to Clemson. Hell, the name of the school itself had become a verb for coming close, but failing to meet expectations.


    • The Georgia Way

      15 years with no buyouts for football. We even cashed one for Grantham.

      Patience works just fine. Good for the bottom line.

      Works for the other ‘big three’ sports, too.



  6. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m curious how much money is paid out yearly just in payouts alone to previously fired coaches. I know ND just finished paying off Weiss’ severance, which was over 20 mil if I recall. Heck, at one point AU was on the hook for payouts to two former coaches (Tuberville, Chizik) and their staff, while of course having the current staff on the books, which in the end meant them operating in the red instead of turning a profit.


    • Greg

      Good question….which also brings Tennessee to mind. I know they have gone through a couple of AD’s since Dickey and several coaches since Fulmer…and could be another very soon. No telling how much they have paid out…they probably have the law enforcement on payroll also. The last I looked, they were in the red…hope they still are.