Have they got a tailgating deal for you.

I mentioned the tailgating deal that Alabama recently entered into.  There’s a follow up on some of the specific contract terms at Al.com worth sharing.  Even McGarity might find some of them of interest:

— Perhaps the most interesting one was No. 16. The university wants no part in turning the Quad into a battle ground or a nonpartisan zone. It reads: “There are to be no opposing team logo’s (sic) displayed.” The second part of the listing seems like it would be harder to enforce. “No opposing team boisterous chanting or cheering will be allowed.”

— The uniform look of the tents in the middle of the quad isn’t a coincidence. The school “requires tents to be ALL WHITE.” (It’s in all caps in the contract). They can be no larger than 20×20. The company offer packages with tents of 10×10 and 20×20.

— “There shall be no alcohol exposed within the tailgate area,” reads the entirety of No. 14 of the list of contract specifications. Reading between the lines, it’s the red cup rule.

— The contract also states that the company can arrange for catering for delivery. And in bold lettering, it states “Bama Dining is the University’s caterer of choice.” (Bama Dining is the official food service provider on Alabama’s campus)

— No loudspeakers or any kind of amplified sound is not allowed. As with similar rules, the company is responsible for enforcing the rules set by the school by supervising the area its tents cover.

Sounds to me like if Georgia were interested in adapting something similar, it could both maintain most of the Michael Adams-imposed restrictions that currently exist and turn a few extra bucks.  Add in a contract provision requiring the service provider to assume responsibility for keeping the designated tailgating area clean and you’d have a real win-win on your hands.  At a price, of course, but what’s new about that?



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23 responses to “Have they got a tailgating deal for you.

  1. SemperFiDawg

    As if I needed another reason to be disgusted with college football.


  2. MGW

    If Im a Bama fan, my first thought is “well where’s the next best location where I don’t have to deal with this garbage”

    Mark my words, this place will be about 75-80% filled with corporate tents.

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  3. “No opposing team boisterous chanting or cheering.”

    I guess the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply on state property in T-town on game days.


  4. JCDAWG83

    Sounds like they should name the quad area the “Official University of Alabama No Fun Tailgating Area”. This seems like another in the ongoing march to make college football another made for tv corporate event.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’ve been to the Bama campus a couple of times and was struck by how uniform they try to keep everything. All white tents? CREEPY.


  6. Athens Dog

    The Georgia Way has morphed into “do what Alabama does” So this is coming……..count on it.

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  7. HiAltDawg

    I think we can scuttle McG’s enthusiasm for this if we demand a box of rubbers as part of the deal

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  8. 92 grad

    Tailgating has been “processed”. If you’re on campus you must conform. We eat, sleep, and drink as a team. There’s no “i” in fun y’all.

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  9. Chopdawg

    I wouldn’t mind the “no loudspeaker” rule in the McPhaul lot, where I tailgate.


  10. PTC DAWG

    What happened to just picking up a bucket of chicken on the way into town, eating it on the car hood, and easing over to the game…who needs all this shit?


  11. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, Gameday Gameplan is already in front of this.

    Concerns have been raised by our Magill Society donors that they will no longer tolerate tailgating in the Georgia campus ‘trailer park’ on game days.

    Therefore in 2017, we will be announcing tailgate access fees and strict, pristine dress codes for all campus pedestrians within five hours of kickoff.

    Please note we will not be providing tents, tables, rest rooms, trash receptacles, or catering services, but we will be requiring all external clothing be purchased from University-licensed vendors. Also note this will include all concealed carry holsters, harnesses, belts, and clips.

    Prior to our 7:00am tailgate time, traffic control resources, volunteers, and bookstore staff will be deployed to all UGA parking facilities and popular campus entry points, checking for University RFID tags and open containers. Violators will be immediately disarmed, fined, and directed to our bookstore staff for processing.

    It is our goal to make this Gameday Gameplan every bit as successful as our family-friendly tailgate initiative was years ago.

    We are confident a clean, pristine tailgate environment will highlight the best parts of our campus and will be yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!



    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      And, while we will sell tickets to visiting fans, they are not allowed to wear their colors inside the stadium.


      • The Georgia Way

        Rest assured, we are already in front of this and have consulted with the chancellor of one of the most pristine campuses in the country, Pepperdine University.

        He noted that fans will be able to wear any color clothing they choose, as long as it carries an RFID tag from a University-licensed vendor.



  12. 69Dawg

    Keep laughing you guys, it is coming. $2,500.00 minimum donation to get the cheapest, non parking deck, parking permit within reasonable walking distance of the stadium when I last had one. I have Alabama friends that go to maybe two home games a year and they always use the service. They show up and everything is there except the booze. The place is packed.

    I’m with PTC at the end I was buying Chick-fil-a on the way in, parked in the South Deck and tailgated between my car and the parking deck wall. Not a lot of fun.


  13. 86BONE

    Wife Saver fried chicken along with homemade deviled eggs, potato salad and ham bites. Cold beer, enough for when your buddies drop by to or from the game, and a transistor radio with Munson playing…
    It don’t get any better than that my friends……