Let the big Dawg speak.

Quite the dividing line here:

Georgia is holding two August events in the state for Bulldog fans that will feature some of its head coaches but not football coach Kirby Smart.

Men’s basketball coach Mark Fox, gymnastics coach Courtney Kupets Carter, baseball coach Scott Stricklin and football staffer Mike Cavan will take part in a panel discussion Aug. 9 in Valdosta.

Fox, women’s basketball coach Joni Taylor, men’s golf coach Chris Haack and Cavan, Smart’s special assistant, will be on the panel Aug. 10 in an event in Columbus.

The events are characterized by the school as an outreach program. They were organized by the UGA Bulldog Club, are being called “Dawg Days” and will be emceed by radio voice Scott Howard.

“These events will be open to the public and focus on allowing current Bulldog Club members the chance to interact with UGA staff members and educate UGA Fans who are not involved on how to support UGA Athletics,” according to an announcement from Georgia.

Smart will be a part of a separate donor event July 19 in Atlanta’s Buckhead that is invitation only and organized by the president’s office. He attended four similar events this spring in Charlotte, Nashville, Jacksonville and Houston.  [Emphasis added.]

“… and educate UGA Fans who are not involved on how to support UGA Athletics”?  Oh, I think we’ve already got that part figured out, homes.


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  1. Smart play on Morehead’s part. He is starting to leverage the Kirby Smart and the football program to benefit the actual University instead of the Athletic Department.


    • Faltering Memory

      The athletic department is already supporting the University with annual donations of $4 million last time I heard. The reserve fund is also backing $200 million in bonds issued for buildings constructed during the MA error. The football program/athletic department is the only cash cow available.


  2. Ron@gaynor.me

    “educate UGA Fans who are not involved on how to support UGA Athletics.”

    Uh, write checks? Am I close?


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Probably more like paperless billing/payroll deduction. It’s easy!


      • The Georgia Way

        You are close, Dylan. This year’s topic is electronic tithing.

        Clemson has been doing this for decades and it has obviously been very successful for them.

        What a great way to #COMMITTOTHEG!

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  3. ugadawgguy

    Jesus Christ.

    It is getting increasingly difficult to wear my pride in my alma mater on my sleeve, given that said alma mater is slapping me in the face with increasing frequency and visibility and instructing me to like it. I feel like the victim in an abusive relationship.


    • Ben

      I feel the same way. I can’t even get excited about the upcoming season after last year’s stinker (did we even win our bowl game? I can’t remember who we played!).

      Maybe I’ll get excited before the Notre Dame game, but if we go up there and lose or lose to UF again, what’s the point of burning cycles on this team anymore?

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  4. Working Title

    Hah, really funny to see this. I just got the invitation at 1:30 today… I apparently need to be contributing more


  5. Stoopnagle

    UGA has built-in support because of its history. The days of most people connecting to UGA via Ag Extension Agents and 4H are passing by and our current leaders are really missing the boat on the potential to maintain our historical advantage across the state via athletics.

    Does anyone really want to see any of those people without the head football coach also showing up? Maybe a few. Very few. Sorry Columbus (Auburn)! Sorry Valdosta (FSU)! I guess next on the snubbed by KirbDawgs is Augusta?


    • MGW

      Any administration’s favorite fans are going to be the ones who give the most money, and thats natural. But the new attitude here is basically that those are the only REAL fans.

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  6. 69Dawg

    Well if this isn’t the Georgia Way to give the great unwashed the finger I don’t know what is. I hope this attitude doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt but Karma is a bitch.

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    • MGW

      The unwashed masses are the reason those TV contracts pay so much. They seem to forget that. People don’t want to root for an institution that looks down on them.

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  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I don’t think it’s smart (see what I did there?) for the head football to avoid some public relations appearances that don’t require you to be a millionaire to attend. But in August I hope he is busy getting ready for App. State, et al.
    Maybe they could reasonably put together a tour in a week or 10 day period after the spring game and before July. It wouldn’t take much.


  8. Charles

    I never guessed pissing excellence would entail pissing on large swaths of the fan base.

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  9. AusDawg85

    Want to meet Kirby? First, start with a million dollars…

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  10. Red Cup

    They are going to tell us “how to support” UGA athletics. Does that mean show up at game time, yelling your ass off and barking incessantly? I have been doing that for years. What else could there be? Wait….who is that tugging at my wallet?


  11. steve

    A better idea to get support than showing a women’s gymnastics coach would be to set up a dunk tank with Fat Nick Fairly in a space chair with Aaron Murray throwing balls at his head from 10 ft. For every ‘between-the-eyes bulls eye, fat Nick gets to take a bath in a pool of alligators.


  12. Bright Idea

    Maybe Kirby won’t show up on Saturdays. Prepare the team Sunday-Friday and let’em rip on Saturday.


  13. jhorne2000

    Isn’t this a whiny thread today. Of course the Georgia Way made an appearance.

    Kirby doesn’t have time for the little people.

    McGarity is giving us the unwashed finger –

    Come on people – we want a first class team with first class facilities right? We can’t be trotting out our number one human resource every time he gets an invitation.

    This is a smart blog with smart commenters – why do you whine in the face of economics? This is really what we want.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      Let them eat cake amiright?


      • jhorne2000

        close , but I think trying to have your cake and eat it too

        We the peons don’t really want access to Kirby. We want our team to win win win. We fired Richt because he didn’t win enough, not because he didn’t give us enough attention. Kirby can go to every touchdown club and FCa meeting there is , but if he loses to Uf, tenn, GT again we’re going to want him out. Amiright?


  14. PTC DAWG

    I look forward to your report on the July 19th function…