“I don’t care which one they throw it to, the other two gotta block.”

This clip popped up on Twitter yesterday.  You ought to listen to it, because it’s a two-minute distillation of what Kirby Smart wants on offense.

Bottom line, there’d better be a lot of shit knocking going on out there, or somebody ain’t gonna play.

As a bonus, this was my favorite response:

Gators and Dawgs, drilling together…


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10 responses to ““I don’t care which one they throw it to, the other two gotta block.”

  1. I love the idea of being more physical at the point of attack whether that’s between the tackles or on the perimeter. Playing more physical isn’t just about size and strength … it’s about good technique and completing your assignment. Big plays start with good blocking and line play as a team. I only want to see our offensive coaches take advantage of what we can do rather than insist on forcing them to do things they can’t.


  2. Granthams replacement

    Much better than not “tackling to the ground” in practice.


  3. Borodawg

    With all that going on Greg will be dreaming about how much he will save in fertilizing the field.


  4. Greg

    All that cursing…..what will the Mommas think? Too late to change now.


  5. DavetheDawg

    This sounds like another opportunity for inept SEC referees to call more holding penalties against us. #kidding #notkidding


  6. AusDawg85

    3 receivers, 2 go to block and 1 to catch presumably after they and/or the QB makes the read of the D. From section 602 it’s going to look like Eason has “locked on” to just one receiver, but that’s really by design. It’s the same as a handoff by stretching the field. Useful if you have the right personnel. I’d rather see more speed and our receivers finding gaps in the D for Eason to exploit, but I’m not paid $4M to make those decisions.

    I’m beginning to wonder how much control Chaney really has as OC?

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