“You have anointed him as the returner next year. I have not.”

Sounds like Kirby is having to do some head adjustments this spring.

Take Mecole Hardman, for example.

Just a couple of days ago, receiver and return specialist Mecole Hardman was talking about how close he was to returning a touchdown last season. He vowed to take one, or more, to the end zone in 2018.

Head coach Kirby Smart was asked a similar question about Hardman Thursday. Smart, however, didn’t have the same sort of optimistic take. Smart revealed a text message exchange he had with former return specialist Isaiah McKenzie, Georgia’s leading overall return (six) and punt return (five) touchdown scorer in program history, concerning Hardman on this subject.

In essence, Smart, through McKenzie, put Hardman on notice.

“Isaiah McKenzie texts me every week and said, ‘Coach, if I had that much room I’d have seven touchdowns,’ ” Smart said. “So he was calling Mecole out, not me.”

That is some well-played “just sayin'” there.  Just sayin’.


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10 responses to ““You have anointed him as the returner next year. I have not.”

  1. Brandon

    I’m sure you’re already all over it but he’s busting Richard LeCounte’s chops too.


    • Brandon

      Sorry, I see that’s covered at the bottom of this article too, I read a different article that was just about LeConte.


  2. Uglydawg

    Come on. If Mecole takes it to the house, that puts the defense right back out on the field. Boom has probably already figured this out and will tell his punt coverage team to let him score. Then they will drive the field on our tired and hot defense and score, go for two and have the lead. We’ve gott’a be smarter than that.


    • Cojones

      Funny. A Grantham excuse from the past that some people took seriously and who were asking Bobo, O-coordinators not to score so much. Nice shot, Ug.


  3. ETDF

    IMac aint lyin. That guy could make you miss.


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    This is just the kind of insidious tomfoolery that I like.

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Imac was just sayin’ the return scheme and blocking are better nowadays than when he was here. 😉



    Of course IMac forgot to mention he would have fumbled a few of those.

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  7. AceDawg

    McKenzie probably ain’t wrong, either. Mecole is faster but needs to find better angles than McKenzie did because he’s not nearly as elusive. I personally would rather have Mecole only do punt returns while letting Holyfield and some other bigger guys do the kick returns that are less likely to get injured. Mecole is going to be too important at WR.

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  8. Busta

    Lmao @Thomas Slicker!!! IMac fumbling a few of em is a fact. He was a dice roll with the ball, make an electrifying move, fight for yards then cough it up.