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Free meet-and-greets

Maybe this is a sign the reserve fund is brimming these days.

Georgia will send football coach Kirby Smart and new men’s basketball coach Tom Crean on the road this spring and summer to six cities in four states for donor events like the school held last year.

This time, there will be two additional functions that will be open to all Georgia fans that will feature Smart, coming off a trip to the national championship game, and Crean, the former Indiana coach hired this month.

The public events will be in Columbus on May 21 and Savannah on May 22 on the same day that there will be private donor dinners in those cities, according to Georgia executive associate athletic director for development Matt Borman who is also executive director for the Georgia Bulldog Club.

That’s mighty nice of them to throw out a couple of bones at no charge like that.  Of course, if you live in the metro Atlanta area, you’re still SOL unless you want to stroke a check commit to the G.


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If you’re looking for something to do today…

South Carolina’s spring game will be televised at noon.


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Beyond snark

Really, there are no words of sarcasm worth expressin in reaction to this:

Former football coach Art Briles received $15.1 million from Baylor following his 2016 dismissal during a sexual assault scandal that engulfed his program and the university.

Former President Ken Starr got $4.52 million from the university as part of his departure. Then athletic director Ian McCaw, now the AD at Liberty University, received $761,059, essentially one year’s salary, upon his resignation.

The dollar figures of the settlements surfaced in Baylor’s 990 filing to the IRS, required annually of non-profit organizations, filed this week and obtained by The Dallas Morning News. The settlements had been subject to non-disclosure agreements. All settlement payments have already been made with the funds coming from Baylor’s institutional reserves, according to a university official.

I can only hope that means there’s plenty of money for the victims to seek as damages.



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Still got it.

Terry Godwin and his magic hand, that is.


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“Matchup proof”

Those of you complaining about Chaney’s second-half playcalling in the national title game, okay, fine.  Just explain something to me, first:  how would you scheme around Da’Ron Payne, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Rashaan Evans?

Evans finished tied for the lead in total tackles with 74 including eight run stuffs and in pass defense he added six sacks and three pass break-ups. Fitzpatrick was third in tackles, had seven pass break-ups and an INT, and also made six run stuffs. Payne’s impact was quiet statistically (one sack, seven run stuffs) but he was the heart of the defense and regularly clogged up the interior for the Tide’s athletic backfield.

The result of Evans and Fitzpatrick being so good in coverage and versatile enough to each play two primary positions had the effect of making Alabama “matchup-proof.” Both of them could man your typical slot WR or TE without being overwhelmed and needing an in/out bracket from a down safety. That then freed the Tide to play both safeties over the top to help the corners or to bring extra defenders on the blitz. It was also nearly impossible to find a favorable angle or matchup inside with Da’Ron Payne owning the interior and rag dolling opposing centers.

Georgia was able to throw on guys not named Fitzpatrick and Evans and also ran the ball well on a few key third downs when Alabama got caught playing man coverage with our two heroes turning their backs to the backfield (until the Tide started dropping a safety to eliminate that problem).

The good news is they’re gone.


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The nine yoots

If you’re looking for a little taste of how the early enrollees are doing, here you go.

Can’t say I see any huge surprises there.  Basically, new kids need work, even talented ones.  Which doesn’t mean I’m not excited to read how well Cox is doing early, as Georgia needs depth to develop at outside linebacker.

Although that Divaad Wilson injury sure sucks.


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Life in the post-I blame Bobo era

This is, I think, a fair observation.

… it also frees up Chaney to be more of what is known as a “walk-around offensive coordinator.” In other words, while he’s overseeing the tight ends, his focus remains mainly on the overall offense and all aspects of it. So he’ll still have the last word on what the offense looks like, what the strategy is and, yes, what plays are called.

It’s really on the latter responsibility that Chaney has attracted the most criticism from Georgia fans. Some of that is fair and some of it is not. Certainly he’s been known to call more inside dives than we think he should. But play callers are only as good as the players executing those calls. And Chaney has been through two seasons now of having to break in a freshman at quarterback and one of having to overcome substandard play on the line.

It came in response to a question about whether this would be the year that Georgia opens up the offense.  As someone who’s sat in the stands for decades and heard my fair share of fans basically complain about any single play call that doesn’t result in an immediate touchdown, I can’t say that query comes as a particular surprise.  Nor am I trying to defend Jim Chaney’s playcalling as immaculate.  But let’s slow down a little bit here.

Consider the following stats from the 2017 Georgia offense:

That looks pretty opened up to me, but, eh, what do I know?

And again, that’s with a true freshman quarterback who was thrust into the role unexpectedly and an offensive line that took a while to find some traction.

I suppose the bitching here boils down to wanting to see more deep passing, but, seriously, if you were Georgia’s offensive coordinator with the running backs and the receivers you had at your disposal to deploy, what would you have done differently?

Now 2018 looks to have a different set of variables in play — an experienced Jake Fromm, what should be an improved offensive line, the departure of Chubb and Michel, for starters — so it’s not unreasonable to expect Chaney’s playcalling to vary somewhat, at least within the confines of what Smart wants.  As long as they’re at least hitting the statistical marks last year’s offense did, does it really matter how they get there?

Maybe next year’s QOTD will be wondering if 2019 will be the year Chaney lets the running backs have the ball more.


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